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Image: Ancient and Modern Mix in Modern Foshan

Image: Anne and Sophie Demonstrate Kung Fu in Foshan

Image: The Art of Chinese Motorcycle Zen, as practiced by a Motorcycle Taxi. Complete with Rider Taking-5. This Machine Appears to Feature the Latest in Ergonomic Design

Image: Fun with Clay at Foshan Nanfeng Ancient Kiln

Image: View From The Golden Lake Hotel, Overlooking my Gaff and Foshan TV & Radio Tower

Image: Foshan TV Tower at Night

Image: A Pretty Girl, Now My Wife!

Image: Jonno and Siu Ying at Siu Yeahr

Image: Caroline and Chris take a fast cab in Long Jiang

Image: The Foshan Hotel

Image: The Owner of my Local Corner Shop

Image: The Local Park

Image: The stairs leading up to old John's Bar - now Jen's Bar

Image: Local Security Being Overly 'Officious' and Toasting me with a Cup of Tea hehe. Here is China!

Image: The Veg man I use at the local Wet Market

Image: John's Bar & wouldn't you Know it - Yuyi Loves Tacos

Image: Street Mah Jong
Tourist Guides for China
Foshan Tourist Guide (March 2010)
Trendy Places
This page lists some of our favourite Chinese restaurants in Foshan.

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Late Night Eats and Drinks
• Trendy Cafes, beer gardens and juice bars - This Page

This is a catchall page mainly devoted the nighttime places of entertainment, which often feature expensive alcoholic beverages from around the world. These establishments are frequented by the neuvo rich young Chinese in Foshan, and are very popular with Foreigners. We do not include night clubs in this page, nor anything that is a mainly restaurant. However, we start with Juice Bars:

Juice Bars

This is a growing chain of Juice Bars that serve freshly made fruit juices and sticky cakes. The menu's are only in Chinese unfortunately, but ordering what you want is not difficult. Behind a counter lined with cakes await staff to take your juice order. All the juices served are freshly 'squeezed' for your order and come in two varieties = Chunky or Smooth. The chunky ones are delivered to table with a large diameter straw. They offer about ten fruits, plus combinations of flavours; all listed in Chinese. Simply point at the fruit on show behind the counter - they will understand and make your juice from this, and it works a treat.

Drinks include: Mango, Kiwi Fruit, Melon, and Banana. There are many other and seasonal choices also, but Orange juice or Apple juice are not favourites of the Chinese clientele - although usually available if you ask for it. They also offer a large variety of 'Pears', and I use this word advisedly because there are many fruits that appear to be somewhat related to pears, whilst some of these are more like Peaches when eaten. Cost is minimal, and around Y10 or less.

Soff is everywhere in Foshan; similar chains, or local competitors. Good Hotels, Western restaurants, and Vegetarian restaurants will also offer freshly squeezed juice - just without all the marketing hype. There is one very near Bai Hua - simply walk up the awkward road that runs beside MacDonald's and it is 200 yards away set back from the main road in prominent view. There is another at Superline, and you will find a version at any shopping centre

Cafés (Western style restaurants really)

UBC Coffee
No.12 Fenjiang Zhong Road, Changcheng District, Foshan City
No.11 Yuandong Road, Nanhai District, Foshan City
No.20 Fenshan Zhong Road, Shunde District, Foshan City

Yosemite Coffee
Haisan Road, Guicheng Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City

Ta Ke Bao Coffee
No. 61 New Square of Renmin Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City

Trendy Eateries
These places are aimed at Foshan's young and rich, and are multiplying exponentially. They serve drinks and snacks, plus have innovations that make them stand out from each other.

Jack and the Magic Pea
This small chain is very popular, and about the best in this category. They offer an innovative and modern environment for Foshan's young executives and wannabe's after work. Their main items are imported German beer in bottles, various types of coffee beans from around the world, and 'nibbles' such as large prawns in breadcrumbs that are served in stylish manner.

The best one is near the Foshan Hotel on Feng Jiang Zhong Lu. Standing outside the Foshan hotel, which is on your left side - walk forwards and turn left. Follow this road a few hundred yards until the next major road junction and turn right. The establishment is located a few hundred yards along on your right. What I like about this place is that whilst their are numerous tables with large screen TV's all around the walls - there is no noise from the sets. This is because (For a nominal fee), you hire headsets that are tuned into the channel you want to watch. These are full enclosure headphones, meaning you can have them as loud as you like, and your neighbour won't be disturbed by any noise. Patronage allowing, you will also get a remote control to switch channels, etc.

Jack and the Magic Pea is trendy, up-market, and not prohibitively expensive for Foreigners. All outlets have a similar relaxed feel to them + wifi-internet as standard, and English speaking staff who are very professional and competent. Chinese for 'pea' and 'bean' is exactly the same word - but at least they have used their initiative to try and cross the international cultural divide. Definitely worth visiting. There is a smaller one near Dong Jian, and straight up the road on the other side from KFC, meaning the one that passes Martino's and follows the canal. It is 3 minutes walk.


This is known as 'Rabbit', and has a completely different feel from 'Jack's Magic Pea' above. Here the focus is more on fruit juice and coffee served with cakes and sweet delicacies - rather than the above which focuses more on German beers and savoury treats. This chain is probably more suited to vegetarian non-smokers, as whilst meat is available, vegetarian treats are widespread. Whilst smoking is allowed in all outlets, it is somewhat discouraged slightly.

Whilst I could happily spend all night at Jack's Place, I am not a big fan of RBT, and I don't know why - just not my kind of chill I guess. However, we are all different, and it may suit yourselves excellently. Please try this chain as it is different, and again caters for the young and neuvo rich in Foshan.

Their main enterprise is along Zumiao Road heading South and away from the city centre and Temple. It is on your right before you reach the major road junction with Foshan Hotel situated right, then right again. There is another at Dong Jian, this time going straight up the road at the side of KFC until you reach the first set of traffic lights = 600 yards. It is on the corner to your right.

Expensive Bars
These places are not clubs, although they may offer live entertainment. They usually sell very expensive German type beer and offer private rooms, extremely large screen TV's for Western sports channels, and a little food of the snacks version = table nibbles. We have limited cross-over between this page and Foshan Nightlife, where you will find listings for other similar establishments such as DJ Cafe and Channel 6 - both highly recommended!

Rive Gauche
This is actually part of a small chain, and is located opposite the Foshan hotel, left, and just a few paces into the adjoining street on the right - which we call DVD Street. It is on your right and has a foyer lines with expensive imported wines. Downstairs is a large room dedicated to drinking mini-barrels of expensive German beer, and a projector TV screen that is several yards wide and high. I watched live as Manchester United won the European Cup a couple of years ago (Probably 2008?). Some visitors to Foshan may find this information and it's extrapolations to be of great importance.

Upstairs is a similar sized room that features an intimate dance floor and live acts by resident and visiting musicians and entertainers. Last time I was here they had a very good Filipino duet entertaining with a mix of popular songs. Backing was mainly keyboards and electronics, but professionally done and worth seeing again. They are also proactive with patrons, and try to get people up and dancing / having fun - without being intrusive. Very good!

Face Party
This is a different take on the above, with a black two-tier disco-ette featuring a small dance floor and the emphasis on drinking bottle of imported spirits. The name is actually "Fay's Party", but it is normally known by the given name above.

The location is near to Bai Hua and just up the Chinese road next to MacDonald's. It is set back from the main road and near Soff juice bar. If drinking bottles of Whiskey or Captain Morgan's Rum - plus dancing with 'pretty girls and getting totally hammered appeals to you; then you should look no further.

There are a plethora of similar bars, most of which come and go within 6-months. I have simply highlighted these two versions to let you know this kind of establishment exists in Foshan - and is very popular with both Foreigners and wealthy young Chinese.

Beer Gardens
These places are far more relaxed than the ones mentioned above, and can be very romantic, or ideal for a group wishing to chill outdoors in very pleasant surroundings.

They will feature a proper garden set out with running water and interspersed with the odd pagoda or public boardwalk. They are often a small maize interlinked by bridges and diversions. Behind is a full restaurant, barbeque, and drinks supply supported by private rooms and outside - private and secluded gazebo's for small parties.

TT aka 66 Club
This is a very nice garden located South and East from Dong Jian, and you will need a taxi to get there and return. Starting from Dong Jian Century Plaza, head towards Foshan TV tower and bear right into Lingnan Donglu. Pass the major hospital on your left, and turn left at the immediate traffic lights. Go down this road for 3 major interchanges, and turn right. It is 600 yards up on your right. You can easily miss this if you miss the sign over the gateway, as otherwise you appear to be in the middle of nowhere and looking at a brick wall which has cars parked all along it for hundreds of yards. This is your clue. The entrance id Foshan centre side of the brick wall.

This is very well worth finding, because inside the walls reveals a secluded garden which has low-lights and excellent ambience. The central feature is a gazebo set above a pond, as in a river crossing. It is used as a dance floor on more ebullient evenings. However, most of the time it is quiet and personal + very good for that 'escape the city' chill factor. They also support a decent restaurant service, although most patrons prefer BBQ and expensive foreign beers in small bottles accompanied by Chinese snacks.

The only downside to this is if you caught a taxi here, then finding one to take you back is a bit of a nightmare! Any Chinese with you will always walk South and then West - in the direction of Lang Kwai Fong. Wrong! Exiting turn left and walk down to the major road junction some distance away - taxi's do regularly travel along this road.

The Local Garden
This version is far more central and a bit more chaotic = very popular.

Whilst this place lacks the intimate ambience of the place above, it is far livelier and a great place to make new friends - or top up before hitting the clubs. To find it again start at Dong Jian and head for the TV tower. This time turn left, and crossing pedestrian lights, bear right at the first major set of traffic lights. Go along here several hundred yards and on your left you will see a couple of beer gardens (Quite obvious). Go to either, although my friends prefer the first one of the two.

This place is actually very good if you are into having a fun time with friends and people you meet. However, it is not the place to take your latest girlfriend for a romantic and intimate evening alone together.

This category covers many versions around a theme = what to do for a little sophistication in the evenings. Enjoy + send us your personal feedback so we can better advise others

This information is as supplied by China Expats and our friends, as dated 10th July 2010, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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Image: DJ Cafe, near Dong Jian Century Plaza, Foshan

Image: Bull Bull Restaurant. Right side, alley to wetmarket

Image:  Hao Shun Lao restaurant, near Dong Jian Century Plaza, Foshan

Image: Alley to the wetmarket at the side of the private hospital. Bank of China behind you

Image: Chicken Restaurant

Image: Xi'an Restaurant

Image: Hunan Restaurant

Image: Hair Washey

Image:  Red Cafe, a western style reataurant next to the Kingdom Hotel

Image: Rave Party nightclub - one of the best in Foshan

Image: Turtle Restaurant

Image: RBT Restaurant

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