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Links to our friends and useful resources
This is our main external links page featuring other websites that are complimentary in some way.

China Expats believes in a free exchange of information, so we do not pay people to host our advertisements, nor do we receive money for posting any of the links below.

All links go to genuine websites that we have personally checked, although we may not have used their services ourselves. For ease we have divided them into main categories:
Expats and Social Networking - Websites used and run by expatriates living in China.
Information about China - Websites that support expatriates living in China or offer useful information.
Education, Intenships and Placements - Companies offering education and career opportunities in China.
China Travel Information - Individuals and small companies that offer something special for travellers.
Chinese Travel Agents based in China
Free Links Exchange - People we exchange advertisements with, not related to China.
Featured Links - People we support and work with in various ways

If you want to link to us - please see our Affiliates page

This information is as supplied by ourselves, and ably supported by our friends and various internet portals, and is correct at time of publication (17. 05. 2011). Please report any broken links or websites that are not genuine
Official Websites
Link to: British Foreign & Commonwealth Office
British Foreign Office

Advice for Travellers
Personal Email Updates
Link to: Chinese Embassy in UK
Chinese Embassy in UK

Information About China
International Relations
Visa & Consular
Link to: British Consulate General in China
UK Embassy in China

Information About UK
International Relations
Visa & Consular

Expats and Social Networking:

Link: InterNations expat portal - Click for Website


International portal for Expats offering comprehensive worldwide support. Ideal for both businesses and personal networking. InterNations provides city level support for: placing job vacancies, selling your business or personal effects, large localised blog, personal profile, and forum

Link: Kunming Society - Click for Website
is a localized website for Kunming people and foreigners living in Kunming to make new contacts, friends, language exchange, and share your life experience here.

Link: Hello Ningbo - Click for Website

Ningbo's leading international website with exclusive reviews about hotels, bars, restaurants, shopping, places to visit, schools and much more


China Information:

  Link to: Tips for China VPN advice - Click for Website   Best VPN for China
What is the best VPN to use in China? As someone who has lived in China since 2005 and uses VPNs every day, this is a question that I am qualified to answer. I have personally tested and verified these VPNs. I can assure you that these VPNs still continue to work well in China.
Link to: All Women of China website - English translations of articles relating to womens issues - Click for Website English translations of articles relating to women's issues are published daily, as well as comprehensive statistics on gender development. Practical advice on health, fitness, folk art, shopping, fashion provide a closer look at Chinese culture.
Image: Click for more details What’s the Best VPN for China?:
Everyone coming to China needs a VPN to access Facebook, Google, Youtube, and many other blocked apps and websites. Our in-depth guide tests the most popular China VPNs to show what works and what doesn't.
History of Chinese Music

The history of Chinese music
This excellent website charts the course of Chinese music over the last 7,000 years, right up to the modern day.
The modern blog format allows you to chat with Jack Smith and others who are interested in Chinese music and associated instruments here.


VPN's That Work in China
What’s the Best VPN for China?
5 that still work in 2017 (and some that don’t) in China can be found here.

Best Buy

Phones for Americans Studying Abroad
Best Buy offer a range of mobile devices for students studying abroad.
View and buy with a click.
Resources for Americans studying in China can be found here.

ESL Authority

Teaching Abroad Made Easy, by ESL Authority
Awesome Jobs, Expert Advice, Detailed Guides.
Run by Expat's based in Shenzhen. We post new jobs every day from every corner of the world.
View and apply with a click.
Click to Explore Locations and Browse Jobs.

Link: - Click for Website
China Service Guide is a cyber-platform providing information and offering help for foreigners who are working, studying, and living in China and also for those who are willing to come to China.

Link: Abacare International Health Insurance China - Click for Website
International health insurance plans for Expats in China
International health insurance is essential to protect you, your family and employees while living and working abroad. Abacare Group Ltd is an international broker specializing in providing international medical insurance plans which meet the diverse needs of our individual and corporate clients.
Link to: Taxi 2 Airport - Click for Website Airport Transfers in all parts of China -
Book online via a simple, secure form and have peace of mind you will be met by a professional driver and taken directly to your destination. Prices are very reasonable.
Image - ChinaBiz21_Logo Contact
Nancy Li
2206 Citic Plaza, Guangzhou ... (Also in Hong Kong & Shenzhen)
+86 (0)20 2831 3523 (Guangzhou) or +86 (0)755 3304 3438 (Shenzhen)
+86 135 600 73294
+86 020 2831 3554 - 3523 and 020 2831 3556
ChinaBiz21 offer excellent services including:
Visa's, Company formation packages and maintenance, Chinese driving licence and much more.
Link: Tao Directory - Click for website
Tao Directory - Taoism and the Taoist Arts

Welcome to Tao Directory, where you'll find links to everything related to Taoism and the Taoist Arts. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single click...
Link: A non-tourist guide to live in China, especially for expats packed with useful tips and information - Click for website - a non-tourist guide for Expats in China, especially for Expats in Beijing and Wuxi. This site is loaded with China Expats information and tips for living in China, obtained from real observation and experience trough the eyes of an expat in Beijing.
Image Link: China Cars Rental website
China cars rental provides you low cost car services to explore the cities across China.
This service looks great and is competitively priced to include insurance etc, but watch out for the extra mileage charges if you plan a long trip.
Maps of China - Click for maps of Chinese cities, towns and regions
Welcome to the BEST map of China Site on the World Wide Web

We collect, scan, and publish all kinds of China maps and China travel guide to help you plan your next China trip or just learn about China. We have thousands of maps which are being added to daily, and easy to reference by city or type.

Link: - Free Online Language Resources
Excellent & Free Online Chinese Language Portal
Thousands of free print-friendly Chinese reference sheets, tests and revision aids.
Easy Learning format & Listen to Spoken Words

Imported food delivered to your door
Baode are provender's of premium quality imported steak, seafood, pork, wine, etc for home
delivery in Beijing and Shanghai
Image: CRCC logo - Click for Website
Connecting people, investment opportunities and businesses across the globe.
We are also the leading provider of work placements and internships in China.
Link: China Exploration and Research Society Based in Shangri-la, Yunnan Province and originating in Hong Kong.
Dedicated to Exploring Remote Areas of China.
Committed to Nature Conservation and Preserving Ethnic Cultures & Traditions.
These were the first people to trace the true source of the Yangtze River.

Education, Internships and Placements:

Link: Online Chinese Class with MeetMandarin Meet Mandarin: Online Chinese Class with MeetMandarin

MeetMandarin is a premier online Chinese tutoring school where you can learn Chinese via Skype through 1-on-1 sessions. Start with a free trial lesson now!

Link: Internships and Placements in China SmartIntern: China Internships for the Ambitious
We are currently accepting a limited amount of interns into our 2014 Internship in China program.
This program is designed to help you create an exceptional career that begins... in China.

How do we do this?
• By providing you with an internship customized to your skills and ambitions
• By being the only internship company who provides participants with an entire year of access to over 2,000 Chinese language podcasts
• With career training in our trademark Work Smarter seminar (no other China Internship company does this!)
• By leveraging our 12+ years of experience in China to give you opportunities to network, travel, and grow

Link: Learn Chinese in Beijing with Hutong School - click for website The Hutong School was founded in 2005 in order to provide Western students, graduates and young professionals internships and Chinese language courses in China. Our Chinese School also provides Mandarin Chinese lessons to people who are already in Beijing. We offer a range of Chinese training services tailored to anyone who wants to learn Chinese in China. Our Chinese classes are held in two locations, a traditional courtyard in the historic center of Beijing and a modern building in the liveliest, most modern and exciting parts of the city, to offer you a very authentic experience of China.
Link: Learn Chinese in Beijing and Shanghai with Mandarin House - click for website Mandarin House was established in 2004 and is one of the pioneers of the Chinese schooling industry, leading the charge for quality and best practice. Mandarin House is the nationwide Chinese training partner of numerous Fortune 500 companies and has been recognised by Language Travel Magazine as a former winner and multiple nominee for their “World Language Provider’ Star Award.
Mandarin House is the only Chinese language school to be internationally accredited by the International Association of Language Centres (IALC); proof of having attained international quality standards for its venues, operation, staff and teachers and self-developed curriculum. Mandarin House is also the nationwide language training partner of MNC’s such as Nike, Unilever, GM and scores more.

The Shanghai and Beijing schools are located in the heart of the city and are very modern, comfortable and great for learning. All teachers have the ‘Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages’ (TCSOL) qualification with the average teacher having approximately 3,000 hours of TCSOL experience and a second or third language making them some of the industry's best.

In addition to group class and private courses, Mandarin House Cultural offers activities and excursions every week which is a great way for newcomers to the city to meet people and learn more about their city of residence. Mandarin House also runs Chinese Language Summer Camps for children aged 7-18 each year.

China Travel information:

Image Link: Yangshuo Outside Inn Hotel, near Guilin, Guangxi Province, China
Excellent and relaxing base to explore Guilin, most beautiful of all regions in China! 
This private guest house offers cheap and excellent service including airport transfers and days away exploring ethnic communities. Rooms with air-conditioning plus bar and restaurant.

Travel Agencies based in China:

China Highlights - Click for website Private Small Group Tour packages to all parts of China, specialist in customized and tailor-made tours for individuals, families and groups to specific requirements at great value for money!
China Odyssey Tours - Click for website China Odyssey Tours - Click for website
Save you money
Provide the best service
Based in beautiful Guilin

Free Links Exchange:

Logo: Blue Sky Treks in Nepal

Blue Sky Treks & Expeditions - Nepal

"Undertaking an expedition and climbing the Himalayas is a dream of many
mountaineers around the world"

Blue Sky has built an excellent reputation among climbers and trekking teams, specializing in tours, trekking, hiking trips, peak climbing and mountaineering expeditions, 4WD overland tours, biking and safari tours. We deliver trips of a lifetime in the Himalayas (Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan). We were established in 2003 and are well recognized by the Government of Nepal, and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).

Link: Trekking for Real in Nepal - Click for Website

Trekking For Real - Nepal

Trekking for Real is the personal website of Dan Tamang (A very experienced Guide), and Salle Village.

I have built up a considerable network of porters, cooks, family lodge owners, internal airline managers, high altitude and climbing guides and even yak and pony men throughout the trekking regions of Nepal . Therefore I am more than equipped to tailor your trek to meet all your needs and requirements. I also hold the Nepali government trekking guide license.


Featured Links (These are not paid advertisements but freely supported websites)

Image link: Holistic  Wellbing website - Click to View
The aim of Holistic Well-being is to bring solutions and healing through rebalancing and harmonising our relationship with ourselves and those we interact with; our environment and our spirituality “...Shamans see that illness comes from living a life that is out of balance and disharmonious...”
Sandra Ingerman, Shamanic teacher
Link to: - Tim and Cindie Travis Down The
How We Traded Our Ordinary Lives For a Global Bicycle touring Adventure
See Us in China

Tim and Cindie have been on the road now for eight years and have cycled through north and central America, southeast asia, Australia, and are now touring India and Nepal.
Link to: Steinlein Productions
Hollywood Comes to China
Iris Steinlein brings here world famous studios to China with experts in many fields - both in front of and behind camera.

Traveling Workshops:
Film Production, Acting, Makeup, Modeling, Dance/Yoga, and Voice.

Sacred Rainbow Tour spectacular China 2011
Image: Thomas Lessman - click for Welcome to Talessman's Atlas of World History!
I'm Thomas Lessman, an amateur historian with over 20 years of experience researching world history. I've had a passion for history ever since childhood, especially in designing historical maps. It would be a shame to let my research go to waste, so I decided to share my work and knowledge through this website.

China Expats are working with Tal to offer maps of ancient Chinese / Asian history and movements of people across ages. This work is to support our Chinese History section, that requires maps that do not yet exist = its a lot of work!
Image: Thomas Lessman - click for Wikipedia

China Expats are working with Wikipedia in several areas to help foster free and creditable information regarding China. Sometimes this entails supplying free photographs to their 'Commons' section, or editing other peoples work.

Mainly we are involved with Chinese Music and history, of which traditional Chinese musical instruments and traditional uses by ethnic minorities, or Han, are emphasised.

To see our contributions you can begin here:
Link: The Dreamscheme - A Place where all disadvantaged children can be empowered to make a difference to: Themselves, Their Local Community, and The World!
Empowering Underprivileged Children & Their Communities = Worldwide
The dreamscheme is based on a simple concept of WORK, POINTS and TRIPS. Young people are enabled to carry out community based work projects for which they earn points. These can then be exchanged for trips and activities of their choice.

Web hosting

 - Vidahost are the only company China Expats recommend!
Link to: - Excellent Hosting and Support Services
Please be kind and use the link above when ordering - thank you
Link to: - Excellent Hosting and Support Services
China Expats have used Vidahost for all our web hosting services since 2002.

Seb and Dominic offer the most excellent services and are never too busy to help when the need arises.
• Their support is exceptional and in all these years we have not experienced a single second of downtime!
• Support requests are answered real-time within a few minutes, and actioned immediately.
• Full root access - means you can do what you need to as a webmaster.

Having got fed up with: Webfusion (Downtime 5 weeks and counting + refused to reply to support requests - ever!), Pipex, 123, BT (They contract out their Domain names and web hosting to USA), M6 (Australia - too busy to reply to support requests), The Registry (USA - seemed ok, but horrendous customer attitude), and countless others - we have never looked for another service since finding Vidahost:
Vidahost are real people who do exactly what they say - host websites!
Link to: - Excellent Hosting and Support Services
Link to: - Excellent Hosting and Support Services
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