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Tourist Guides for China
Foshan Tourist Guide (March 2010)
Chinese Restaurants
This page lists some of our favourite Chinese restaurants in Foshan.

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The page is divided into two main categories: Hot Pot restaurants and Chinese restaurants.

Hot Pot Restaurants

The Little Sheep
This is a most excellent restaurant foreigners should get the hang of pretty quickly. It is actually part of a National chain, with branches also in Hong Kong. It features Inner Mongolia cooking at it's very best, and is a version of cook in the pot. The tables all feature a central gas hob, onto which is placed a large cooking vessel with a central divider. One side is herbs, spices and coconut milk - and the other is chilli hot! You will need a local person to help you order, and do experiment.

You need to spend over Y600 in one sitting to get a VIP card, which then gives you a 10% discount forever. This is complemented by an outside BBQ, and the rack of sheep's ribs is excellent and awesome!

Once every twenty visits or thereabouts, you will eat something that is incredibly hot! Copious beers will only inflame the flame inside; so order a special and medicinal bean curd thingymagig that looks like a wrinkly cream coloured parchment sticks. This is the only known antidote! Cook this for two minutes in the coconut half, and return to the human race immediately, unfazed. My friends and I have still not exactly worked out what this thing is, but is is totally hilarious if you are not on the receiving end hahaha! We think it may be something that looks like a small peppercorn?

This place is humming by 6pm, so either: rock-up earlier, book in advance, or go after 9pm (10% off and open until midnight). However, the best staff also leave around 9pm, so this really isn't a blessing.

Location: If you are in a taxi, then simply say "Siu Fai Yeurm, Gui wah mmm lo". It is located between Fung Dong Zhong Lo (Feng Jiang Central Road) where it becomes Gung Gong Nam Lo (Feng Jiang South Road) and Fo'san Dai Doh (Foshan Avenue).

The Orange Place
If you like the Little Sheep, then there are several similar alternatives. The first is located nearly opposite WallMart on Jia Hua 5 Road - where the road disappears down the underpass, and very close to Foshan Radio Tower. I do not know the name of it, but it has a bright orange facade that is un-missable, and a lot of bright green also. Inside is very nicely finished, the staff are courteous and friendly, with some speaking pretty goof English.

They have introduced a buffet type service, which is obtainable to the extreme left of the entrance. Having made your selection you then return to your seats to cook at table. Alternatively, you can order direct from the menu and staff will bring your selections as they are prepared. One is an excellent fish platter featuring red salmon. Unlike the Little Sheep, this restaurant has individual cooking pots built into the table top, each with its own heat control and sieve. This is quite unusual for China, a land where food is usually cooked communally. Some of the dishes can be expensive, which I believe is why they introduced the buffet arrangement. However, this place is very well work a visit. One tip is that each serving pot/cooker thing has only one sauce of course. Therefore it makes sense if you like to experiment with tastes, to order several different sauces and mix your cooking appropriately.

The Cheap Place

Again I have no name I can recount for this restaurant, which is situated nearby the Orange Restaurant. This time go to WallMart and turn right onto Dai Fu't Lo (Now called Lingnan Dong lu). You will have the TV tower to your left now. You need to head up this road about 500 yards and it is on your right, the second restaurant of a group huddles closely together. It is virtually opposite Foshan Number 2 Hospital main entrance. It is distinguished by having table clothes with matching frilly seat covers. The door is set in the front right corner, and steps on the right lead up to a second floor which overlooks the reception area. The toilets are located up here behind the extra seating area.

This restaurant is notably cheaper than either the Little Sheep or the Orange Place, but the food is quite excellent, with the hot side being really hot! Again we are back to a central cooking bowl with central divider, although I remember this one also has a three-way version. The style is virtually identical to the Little Sheep, but the food has different version also and some additions like squid. The pig's brain's here are excellent and I do recommend them if you like a creamy pate? Expect this restaurant to close around the standard time of 9.30 pm.

The Goose Restaurant
This is more a local version based upon Shunde cuisine, although the staff are Sichuan people. This restaurant features a single central cooking pot, but is fired by charcoal which is brought out by an experienced person and emptied into the central furnace. We call it the Goose Restaurant because their famous dish is a hotpot of goose. However, the walls and menu also feature many other dishes, and we actually prefer the fish selection, which comes with a fish of course, but also much seafood such as prawns and similar. It is very delicious and a welcome alternative.

The Goose Restaurant is located very near Jia Hua Park, and on the opposite block corner from The Private Hospital. To get there, get a cab to Dong Jian Century Plaza, and turn up the road immediately to the side of KFC. You will pass the Bank of China on your left, and later The Kingdom Hotel on your right. At the traffic lights turn right (By RBT trendy bar) and stop when you reach the end of the block. There are two restaurants here, and the Goose Restaurant is the one that spans the corner with frontage onto the adjoining road. Expect this restaurant to close around the standard time of 9.30 pm.

Chinese Restaurants

The Artist's Place
This establishment is probably the most picturesque of all Foshan's many eateries and a must visit!

The unusual foyer houses an arts museum to your right and above, whilst a second doorway leads out to a secluded courtyard set with tables, Chinese lanterns, and BBQ stall. Indoor eating halls are on your left, whilst the remainder reveals rustic private rooms, many with patio's overlooking ponds and streams. It is awesome! Behind in a private area is the artist's studio. The man himself is charming and very gracious, and even though he is one of Foshan's most respected citizens, he remains unassuming, chatty, and dedicated to his work.

In keeping with the ambience, the food is excellent. There is a picture menu to help foreigners order, although many staff speak good English. I have written about one of our visits in my missive '7-days Before Christmas 2009' Page 6.

On this occasion we ordered: Tiger Prawns, beef chops, raw jellyfish, some gourd thing that tastes better than pumpkin, pork in black bean sauce, abalone, possibly the best Goose I have ever tasted, a platter of chicken, fish presented in sexy scallops – a bit like the English serve butter, and various Chinese cabbagey things + rice for those who want it. Those not into rice can choose the hand-made noodles instead, which are excellent. They also offer large red crabs in a mild curry sauce which are mouthwatering, if a little messy. I have eaten here on several occasions and never found one dish I would not recommend!

How to get there 1: From Dong Jian enter Dai Fu't Lo (Lingnan Donglu) heading North with the radio tower to your right. At the first main set of road traffic lights bear right, and at the T-junction turn left. You are now on Mam Wha Ba't Lo (Wen Hua Bei Lu). Keep going straight about 3-miles until you reach the intersection with a major expressway. Turn round and head back up the other side of this road for about 300 yards (There are lots of car dealerships in this area), and turn right. The restaurant is 50 yards on your left.

How to get there 2: Go straight North on Foshan Avenue (Foshan Dai Do) until you reach a seriously major road interchange. Follow the roadsigns for Guangzhou but keep in the right hand lane and pass Osram lightbulb factory on your right. Get off at the first exit - which is Wen Hua Bei Lu mentioned above.

The food, the staff, the surroundings all just perfect, making this a magical culinary experience. Opening times are the standard midday till 2pm, and 6pm till 9.30.

The Turtle Place or Fu Long Xuan
This is very easy to find, and comprises a main area of 4 restaurants surrounding a massive car park, with a second tier just around the corner. This whole area is also a good spot for outdoor food and drinks late at night. All four restaurants are very good, and I have been to them all. However we will focus on the most interesting one for first timers.

Location: Go to where Jia Hua 5 Road becomes Jia Hua 4 Road - and this is where it crosses Foshan Avenue (Daido). Turn into Jia Hua 4 Road and it is 50 yards on your right. During the daytime you can park here, but late at night the car park becomes a sea of outdoor tables.

The Turtle Restaurant is immediately on your left as you enter this enclave, and if entering from the car park the seating area is too your right with toilets and private rooms behind. To your left, or via the front entrance are numerous tanks containing all manner of life. The emphasis is on fish and shellfish, but also shown are the vegetables of the day accompanied by a very large notice board with colour photographs or replications of all the main dishes on the menu = excellent for foreigners. You may not want to look into all of the containers in this area, as some contain: Alligators, snakes, toads, and turtles - the reason we have named this restaurant so.

After being seated staff will want to know what you want to order. You are expected to go to the front and choose your dishes - so pointing at tanks or dishes on the board makes this very easy to accomplish without the need of a translator. The staff really don't speak much English, but then, you don't need them to here!

This restaurant is probably one of the best for first-time visitors to Foshan, as the total range of food on offer is quite astounding, and the cooking is extremely good + ordering what you want is extremely easy.
Open: 10am till very late
Tel: 0757 8271 8463

The Chicken Restaurant
The best British style spare ribs are sold at 'The Chicken Restaurant', which is located on the Western aspect of Dong Jian Century Plaza and 100 yards up the road that passes KFC to your left, and virtually opposite The Bank of China.

This restaurant actually specialises in steamed chicken, a version of Toisan Chicken. However, Expats will be well aware that Chinese take perfectly great spare ribs, and chop them into one billion pieces = not good. This place sells the only spare ribs I would recognise from UK = 6-inches long + sauce. Eat with your fingers time, but they supply plastic gloves. Their Toisan Chicken is the star dish; and rates as 'good'', but from a different planet regards Mama's home cooked version. Compensating: there are pictures of the dishes on the walls, so simply point at one and you are immediately understood. I have also been teaching them that British people like to have a few beers before eating a main meal - something that seems to have crossed the culture divide; even if it leaves me prey to teaching their son 'Ingerwishy' upon occasions.

Xi'an Restaurant 1
This is next door to the 'Chicken Restaurant' is a pukka Xi'an restaurant - you know it because it has life-sized Xi'an warriors just inside the door. To order a Xi'an 'Ham-bo-Bah', simply make a 6-inch round with your index finger in the air. Simple. It will come served with complimentary Gutierrez chillies inside = awesome!

This is actually an excellent restaurant, but you will need to go there with a partner who is not Cantonese to get the best out of the menu. Notable dishes include: small hotpot of any specified meat or fish, served on top of a candle-powered stove; hand-made noodles; meatballs; and several other dishes that are too complex to explain concisely.

The Hunan Restaurant
If you like especially hot food then this restaurant is for all chilli lovers. It is located a little further up the same street from the two restaurants above and is entered by going down a couple of steps. The layout is such that it is divided into two mirrored sections by a central dividing wall running the length of the restaurant.

The main dish features your choice of meat or fish, which is served in a ceramic bowl placed on top of a fire-lighter powered cooker. Virtually all the dishes served in this restaurant are very hot, although quite a few have a lot of chopped tomatoes added which makes this quite unusual.

The Hidden Restaurant
This is a general restaurant specialising in fish and tofu. We call it the Hidden Restaurant because it is not on the beaten track, but quite easy to find once you know where it is. Simply follow Fung Gong Nam Lo (Feng Jiang South Road) south from its intersection with Jia Hua 5 Road. You will encounter the temporary traffic arrangements where they are building a new metro station. Once into this, head south for one block, and you will pass several restaurants at the end of the block. Turn right into what appears to be a dead end and drive straight ahead park as you reach the end of this road. You are now outside the Hidden Restaurant, which is nestling on your left (It also has a cark park).

This is actually quite a sizeable restaurant, and features many dishes. There are also selections which can be ordered from a long row of dedicated serveries set down the centre of the aisles. One of these is a large steel pot with lid, and inside is full of Tofu. There are ladles nearby in a dip of honey, which you ladle on top after filling your bowl. The food is very high quality, but not a cheap place either. The beef ribs are very good, as is the fish and all things I have tasted so far on my one and only visit to date. I will definitely go there again.
Tel: 0757 8381 8588

The Hole in the Wall Shunde Restaurant
As a generalisation, Cantonese people consider the best food is from neighbouring Shunde County. From experience I know this restaurant serves excellent Shunde cuisine. It is also remarkable in having a rustic interior made mainly of stout wood = floors, seats tables, everything is wooden and quite charming. It is also arranged in a more Western style with little alcoves and partitions for tables set in haphazard rows. The food is also very good and it stays open reasonably late at night - probably 2am, but don't quote me on this, as it has been some time.

The restaurant is located behind the tall building with a flying saucer on top. There is a smaller golden building adjoining it, and it is located to the South of town - at the end of Feng Jiang South Road, where it intersects with Lanshi Road. Approaching the flying saucer building it is on your right, and you need to turn right just before it. Follow this new road is it meanders and becomes narrower, bearing left at a vague junction thing. You will end up on a straight-ish lane with building to your right only. 200 yards along there is a red brick wall with an open gateway in it. This is the car park to the restaurant, which is located inside.

Toisan Restaurant
The Toisan (Tai Shan) restaurant delivers excellent local Toisan food, with staff and clientele being very friendly to foreigners - even though very few can speak a word of English. Here you will find special Toisan dishes such as Sticky Rice and Steamed Chicken + many other local treats. Whilst this is not the most salubrious of establishments, it does serve genuine Toisan cuisine, is friendly and welcoming.

It is located in Shiwan, just off Foshan Daido. To find it head south along Foshan Avenue and pass Jia Hua 5 Road to your left (Jia Hua 4 road to your right), and after about 1-mile, exit before the next flyover. Turning right, head down this road for about a mile, and it is the red and yellow bannered restaurant on the opposite side of the road.

Tour Mall

I am referring to a traditionally Chinese fronted modern mall situated opposite Jusco supermarket in Nanhai, and quite near the main Foshan bus station. This mall is 4-storeys high, and occupied entirely by restaurants. There must be several hundred of them! It would take many months to visit all of these, so here are some highlights:

Hunan Restaurant
There are several eateries offering Hunan Cuisine here, and I most enjoyed the one located on the 3rd floor. This has its entrance facing away from Jusco, and is towards the road junction end of the building. Just inside the doorway is a massive fish tank which you have to navigate past.

I chose this restaurant specifically because for Chinese New Year 2007 I was invited to join an extended Hunan family for their celebrations. My thinking is that if they chose this restaurant for a very special celebration, then it must be the best and most authentic one in town.

This meal was quite massive in the quantity of food served, but I remember a gigantic whole leg of roast lamb as being particularly enjoyable. A large fish was also present, as were numerous smaller dishes. Most were cooked with hot fresh chilli's of the 'evil red, long gnarly' kind. Every kind of meat was represented, along with numerous vegetables and some very unusual dishes.

Foshan does offer a plethora of extremely good cuisine and there are thousands of restaurants not highlighted above. One of them is where I held my Wedding Reception in Summer 2008, but to describe this needs maps, photographs, and local information in Chinese - as it's location is difficult to find and not easy for visiting foreigners staying for a week or so.
This information is as supplied by China Expats and our friends, as dated 10th July 2010, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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