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Image: Ancient and Modern Mix in Modern Foshan

Image: Anne and Sophie Demonstrate Kung Fu in Foshan

Image: The Art of Chinese Motorcycle Zen, as practiced by a Motorcycle Taxi. Complete with Rider Taking-5. This Machine Appears to Feature the Latest in Ergonomic Design

Image: Fun with Clay at Foshan Nanfeng Ancient Kiln

Image: View From The Golden Lake Hotel, Overlooking my Gaff and Foshan TV & Radio Tower

Image: Foshan TV Tower at Night

Image: A Pretty Girl, Now My Wife!

Image: Jonno and Siu Ying at Siu Yeahr

Image: Caroline and Chris take a fast cab in Long Jiang

Image: The Foshan Hotel

Image: The Owner of my Local Corner Shop

Image: The Local Park

Image: The stairs leading up to old John's Bar - now Jen's Bar

Image: Local Security Being Overly 'Officious' and Toasting me with a Cup of Tea hehe. Here is China!

Image: The Veg man I use at the local Wet Market

Image: John's Bar & wouldn't you Know it - Yuyi Loves Tacos

Image: Street Mah Jong

Image: A Local Scavenger Woman Taking a Break From The Pressures of Modern City Life in Foshan

Image: Ancient Nan Feng Kiln, China's oldest working Dragon Kiln

Image: Dong Jian Century Plaza

Image: Our English Speaking Competion finalist 2004

Image: Sherman, winner of the Foshan City English Speaking Competition in 2004

Image: Our English Speaking Competion finalist 2004, held in Jinma Cinema

Image: A peaceful backwater

Image: If the pavements get full of traffic you better walk in the street

Image: Locals usually take a nap after lunch

Image: Chinese Art Moon Disc
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Foshan Tourist Guide (March 2018)
What to Do at Night:

Foshan offers a great variety of nightlife to suit all tastes and both young and old alike. We begin with Shows, but check out the nightclubs and bars below - as they offer great diversity and some fantastic evening's entertainment!


Playing right is a short clip from one of our nights at
007 Unlimited Club

One of Foshan's top clubs


The Musical Fountain Night club is well-known in China and southeast Asia for its computer - controlled colourful musical fountain, the first one in China and the biggest one in southeast Asia. In 1993 , the group invested seven million five hundred thousand yuan RMB to redecorate the night club, which is now one of the most luxurious art palaces in Foshan. It integrates European romanticism with modern science, as well as traditional fine arts with popular arts. It entertains Chinese and foreign tourists with dancing hall, disco and karaoke rooms. During the eight years since it was opened , the night club has entertained more than 1,500,000 tourists. A saying goes among the tourists's :"One cannot say he's been to Foshan if he fails to visit the Musical Fountain".

The Musical Fountain has a large theatre where artists perform variety shows, acrobatics displays, and have occasional themed seasons. It all makes for an entertaining night out, and something different from the usual nightclubs and bars.
Address: Feng Jiang Zhong Lu or 佛山市汾江中路佛山乐园内


Foshan has far too many nightclubs to list them all, and most are for drinking only - meaning there is no dance floor. In general, nightclubs begin around 9pm and close after 2 am. Lets start with a famous one that does have a dance floor:

Rave Party
This is a large complex located on Huayuan East Road, or rather about 600 yards up the sideroad from KFC at Dong Jian Century Plaza. The large dance floor is located up an escalator on the second floor, whilst other floors are dedicated to KTV. This is one of the few places where you can dance properly to reasonably current music.
3/F, Foshan Dasha, 13 Huayuan Rd. East, Chancheng, FOSHAN
佛山市禅城区华远东路13号发展大厦3楼 金色年华
Phone: (0757) 83208068
Image: Rave Party nightclub - one of the best in Foshan

Channel 6 Live Music Bar
This is a must for anyone into live music, and the only place where modern and rock music are played by a life band every night of the week. They also have a dance floor, and you are encouraged to leave your seat by singers, who sometimes go around visiting every table in the club. They also have an American Pool table to one side, and a typical American style bar you can sit at.

We have been regular visitors for many years, and know the Greek owner well - he sometimes plays drums. Originally this was a jazz club, and jazz influences in decor and some music are still evident. A few years ago they were host to a tremendous band of Filipino's, but sadly the Beijing Olympics badly impacted their visa. Since then a couple of Chinese guys (Bass and Lead) have been doing an admirable job and have now a pretty solid band that is quickly growing in skill and diversity. Evenings also feature male and female vocalist, which makes a change from the band core members voices (Not bad all the same). The Chinese girl singer is very good, very pretty, and very welcoming. They play a lot of 'soft rock' intermixed with Chinese rock and their own compositions + they also perform requests from the audience, and even get you up on stage sometimes! This really is a friendly place.

The club is located on the junction of Wen Hua Bei Lu and Zhaoxiang Road, quite near the Jin Du Hotel.

Entrance: Free
Telephone: 0757 82730666.
Website: (Not working)
Image: Acoustic Duet

Image: Bar area

Image: Pool Table

Image: Stage to Right
  Image: Band 01

Image: Band 02

Image: Band 03

Image: Stage to Left

Hooley's Irish Bar
Located on Ji Hua 6 Road, near Foshan radio and TV tower, (22 Creative Park - just across from K-Party). Hooley's offers everything a westerner would expect:

Full range of imported beers, beer on draught, Guinness of course. The food menu is extensive and appealing, offering something for everybody, including vegetarians. They have a large function room and cater for parties.

As well as offering a wide selection of great beers and food, Hooleys also have live music, party, and theme nights; Halloween and Christmas specials to name just a couple.

Hooleys also have bars in Guangzhou and Zhong Shan. Please visit their website for more information.

Hooley's Irish Pub and Restaurant,
102, Unit 22, Creative Park, Ji Hua Si Road, Changcheng District,Foshan.

tel: 0757-82264606

Image: Rave Party nightclub - one of the best in Foshan

Lan Kwai Fong
This was the first nightclub in Foshan, and built its reputation when in its old venue of Bar Street along Ji Hua Park. It was forced to move in 2007, and is now quite a way out of the city centre in a modern purpose-built building. However, it is very well serviced by taxis and definitely a place to visit. It has a dance floor, private enclosures, and associated KTV. Probably rates along with Rave Party as being the best of Western style disco's in town.
Lingnan Da Dao, Chancheng District, FOSHAN
佛山市禅城区岭南大道与魁奇路交界中国电信对面 兰桂坊酒吧
Phone: (0757) 83206885

Tian Ma
This means giant horse, and you will see a couple of them with riders standing outside the entrance on Ji Hua 5 Road just next to Dong Jian Century Plaza. The outside actually says 'Club Heaven' in English, but it is very well established and always known as 'Tien Ma'. The nightclub stretches across several floors and also hosts the inevitable KTV. However, this is a nice intimate club with a small dance floor and pretty good music. We've had a lot of fun in this place over the years, and definitely one you should visit. The exact location is on Ji Hua 5 Road, and if you are looking straight down Pulan Road, then this nightclub is directly behind you.

Other clubs:

Club Seven
This club also features a decent dance floor, open enclosures offering a little privacy, and has KTV on the floor above. Whilst not in vogue we have always had a very good time here.

It is located quite near Rave Party - simply head past this to the set of traffic lights and turn right. The club is set alone on Yingyin Road, and is the only thing of note on the left hand side of the road. Well worth a visit.

Infinity Club
This nightclub is very popular with young people in Foshan, and is mainly designed for drinking to loud music and watching female dancers perform. It has a very good reputation.
North of Jihua 7th Road, Chancheng District,FOSHAN
佛山市禅城区季华七路北侧中三社 无极限酒吧
Phone: (0757) 83378999

007 Unlimited Club
This is another very popular club quite near Infinity, but nearer Dong Jian on Ji Hua 6 Road. It doesn't have a dance floor, but does have a second floor showcase where pretty dancers shake their stuff. Boys find this very interesting! My dear friends Eason and Bill designed the club interior, so perhaps we are not totally impartial when recommending this club.

Memory 2009
This club is similar to a British pub, and has actually been around for years, despite the name change. It features darts and table football, and sometimes hosts impromptu guitar nights. The club is popular with foreigners and Chinese alike, and a great place for social
Image: Memory 2009 Bar Image: Memory 2009 exterior
1F.of NO.132, Middle of fen jiang road, Foshan (near by ICBC Bank)
Phone: 13425747360(Kiko)
Image: Memory 2009 Darts Image: Memory 2009 impromptue

There are many other nightclubs in Foshan, some of which come and go with great frequency. Others stick around or are re branded and renovated as the years pass.


Most of these are new, trendy, and sell expensive German bottled beers that nobody knows how to serve correctly. When serving, you should keep the last inch of beer in the bottle and shake this vigorously to capture the yeast sediment left at the bottom of the bottle - before adding to your glass. Watch and see how they pour it.

If the Beijing nightlife exceeds in range, the Foshan clubs offer quality. When starting off the night at every local's favourite hangout, DJ Cafe called DJ's among the locals, offers happy hour from 8-10 PM to treat its loyal clientele. I will exclude all the bars associated as part of the international hotels, and concentrate on the others.

Aloha Tiki Bar
This is an extremely popular bar located near Dong Jian Plaza. From KFC, walk up towards the Bank of China, and turn right. Gi past DJ Cafe and at the end, with Jiu Hua Park opposite and Ho Shun Lao on your left, turen left and it is on your left, opposite where the park ends. At the end of the road opposite is the entrance to Foshan Metro (Other side of the road).

"Aloha Tiki Bar in Foshan China is first of its kind in South China. We have a relaxing environment, Hawaiian cocktails, games, dance floor, and of course beer where expats and locals can mingle and make lasting friendships or even more! Every Saturdays we have a live DJ and Wednesday to Friday a live band/singer. Power Hour is between 8pm to 11pm where everything is buy 2 get one free. Located in Jihua Park, it is conveniently located near the metro and other Chinese and expat restaurants. Either you have been living in China for a long time or if your new to China Aloha Tiki Bar is a great place to hang out and party! We believe China has a lot to offer everyone and want to make it easier for expats to create friendships and gain valuable information that can make your experience and travels better! See you in Aloha"

Location: Google Maps
Address: Huayuan 4 Street, Chancheng, FOSHAN
Phone: (+86) 186 7656 1477
Image: Aloha Tiki entrance

Image: Meet the DJ

Image: Make more friends

Image: Aloha location map
Image:Make friends at the bar

Image: Have a party
Image: Aloha Tiki bar
Image: Scan to your phone
DJ Cafe
This is an extremely popular bar located near Dong Jian Plaza. From KFC, walk up towards the Bank of China, and turn right. It is 100 yards along Huayuan Street on your right. Photo's taken during World Cup 2010. Below is a customer review:

"It's the perfect way of combining useful learning and socializing with friends," says Jon Muncher when giving me an exclusive insight on why DJ's has obtained such a success. "The unique mixture of Chinese and foreigners, old residents and newcomers, gives everyone the perfect opportunity to make new connections as well as improvements in your language skills." With dark wallpaper and burning candles DJ's makes up a cave filled with warmth, where the great flow of spirits seems to be everlasting.

The caveman himself, bar owner Ricky, has another approach to why the language learning within these walls is the ideal one. "I don't think there's anything that will improve a guy's mandarin skills better than a cold beer and a pretty Chinese girl."

DJ Cafe location: Huayuan Street, near Dong Jian Century Plaza, Foshan
Jianzhan Building, 7 Huayuan Street, Huayuan Xi Road, Chancheng, FOSHAN
Phone: (+86 757) 83998998
Image: DJ Cafe external shot featuring World Cup Chart

Image: DJ Cafe bar shot 1

Image: DJ Cafe bar shot 2

Jack and the Magic Pea
This is a small chain and has several outlets in Foshan, and whilst quality and service remain excellent in all, each has its own style and individuality. This is the only place we list separately under both eats and drinks. The name? Well, the Chinese word for 'pea' and a 'bean' the same - work it out for yourself. However, these places really are worth a visit and are different from the usual drinking establishments. Lets take a look at one of the more central branches:

The best one is near the Foshan Hotel on Feng Jiang Zhong Lu. Standing outside the Foshan hotel, which is on your left side - walk forwards and turn left. Follow this road a few hundred yards until the next major road junction and turn right. The establishment is located a few hundred yards along on your right. What I like about this place is that whilst their are numerous tables with large screen TV's all around the walls - there is no noise from the sets. This is because (For a nominal fee), you hire headsets that are tuned into the channel you want to watch. These are full enclosure headphones, meaning you can have them as loud as you like, and your neighbour won't be disturbed by any noise. Patronage allowing, you will also get a remote control to switch channels, etc.

Jack and the Magic Pea is trendy, up-market, and not prohibitively expensive for Foreigners. All outlets have a similar relaxed feel to them + wifi-internet as standard, and English speaking staff who are very professional and competent. Definitely worth visiting. There is a smaller one near Dong Jian, and straight up the road on the other side from KFC, meaning the one that passes Martino's and follows the canal. It is 3 minutes walk.
Just city-side, opposite Foshan Amusement Park and Musical Fountain, Fen Jiang Middle Road.
禅城区汾江中路佛山乐园正门旁 杰克魔豆咖啡生活馆
Phone: (0757) 83121198

The Joshua Tree
This bar opened in 2008 and is again quite different from many others in this category. Nicely decorated with warm and welcoming staff, this has an open-air rooftop for those who wish to enjoy the night breeze. Good selection of beverages - coffee, wine, etc. Decent prices too. Definitely a gem in Foshan.
No. 5 Chengmentou West Road, Chancheng, FOSHAN
佛山市禅城区城门头西路商业街5号 (消防局斜对面)
Phone: +86 757 8312 5077
Image: The Joshua Tree

Fay's Party (aka: Face Party)
The location is very near to Bai Hua and just up the Chinese road next to MacDonald's. It is set back from the main road and near Soff juice bar. If drinking bottles of imported Whiskey, Brandy, or Captain Morgan's Rum - plus dancing with 'pretty girls and getting totally hammered appeals to you; then you should look no further. This place is popular with University students.


Foshan has 3 cinema complexes, two in central Foshan, and one in adjoining Nanhai. They show new films from all over the world, and I watched Die Hard 4 in English at the second one listed below:

Jin Ma
This is the main Foshan city cinema and has several screens + a large theatre which is quite circular. This not only shows films, but also hosts stage shows and regional finals of competitions. Our pictures left show the English Speaking competition held here in 2004.
Corner of Fen Jiang Zhong Lu and Tong Ji Road

Big Star Theatre
Quite a reasonable cinema complex, and perhaps the best venue for movie fans. They show all the latest films, some in English, and have about 10 screens if I remember correctly? The foyer is like home-from-home, and features pop-corn machines plus other snacks, soft drinks, and ice cream.
Address: No.55 Weiguo Road - although the entrance is actually at the very end of Pulan Road.

Nanhai Square Theatre
Nanhai Square is really a part of Foshan city, but political lines drawn on maps mean it is always listed separately. It is 10 minutes by taxi from the Foshan Hotel. We've never been here, but expect it to be very reasonable, and many people we spoke to said it was just as good as Big Star.
Address: F1 Nanhai Square, Nanhai Avenue, Nanhai District, Foshan City

This information is as supplied by China Expats and our friends, as dated 5th April 2018, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
Foshan Maps
Image: Street map of Foshan
Foshan Fotofile
Image: Bank of China, Dong Jian Century Plaza, Foshan

Image: Footbridge connecting KFC at Dong Jian Plaza, with Gui Wah Fo Chong

Image: KFC at Dong Jian Century Plaza

Image: Bank of China behind You, KFC in front of You. Dong Jian Century Plaza, Foshan

Image: Same spot looking right towards Martino's restaurant. Bank of China on your right, KFC to your left

Image: Same place, opposite view. This is a very good private hospital on the corner. It is deceptively large and rises 5-floors.  DJ Cafe ahead on right. Kingdom hotel left 200 yards.

Image: DJ Cafe, near Dong Jian Century Plaza, Foshan

Image: Bentily Hotel

Image: Bull Bull Restaurant. Right side, alley to wetmarket

Hooleys - The Best Western Restaurant in Town

Image:  Hao Shun Lao restaurant, near Dong Jian Century Plaza, Foshan

Image: Alley to the wetmarket at the side of the private hospital. Bank of China behind you

Image: Chicken Restaurant

Image: Xi'an Restaurant

Image: Hunan Restaurant

Image: Hair Washey

Image:  Red Cafe, a western style reataurant next to the Kingdom Hotel

Image: Rave Party nightclub - one of the best in Foshan

Image: Turtle Restaurant

Image: RBT Restaurant

Image: Goose Restaurant

Image: Food Mall

Image: Jusco

Image: Johns Cafe in China Ceramic City

Image: Martino's Bar

Image: Christmas Turkey in Martino's 2008

Image: Johns Bar beefburger
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