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Fruit, Vegetables and Gourds
This page introduces one of several new sections to our recipes section, and deals with fruit, vegetables, and other things like gourds. We describe each one and how it is used. Some are simply washed and eaten, whilst others form the basis of specific Chinese dishes.

The date is now Friday 6th August 2010, and we estimate it will take about 6-months to complete this section.

Mushrooms and Fungi have their own dedicated page, which you can find here


Dai Gor or Chinese Grapefruit - A most wonderful fruit
Fa Niem - A sort of pear or apple, or Peach?
Lao Lin - Large prickly fruit that smell awful and taste like bad soap!
Long Gnun - Beautiful small fruit similar to Lychee
Orlimons - Orange looking lemon/limes that taste like grapefruit
Wong Pei - A fruit similar to Long Gnun, but different


Ba Choi - Chinese white stemmed mustard cabbage leaves
Cheung Choi - Chinese green stemmed mustard cabbage leaves
Choi Goh - a big green root thing
Choi Sum - Chinese leggy broccoli
Choi What - look like dandelion leaves
Chinese Garlic - This stuff is excellent for cooking with
Dao Gok or Long Beans - Like a runner bean, but longer
Fan Shei or Chinese Sweet Yam - Typical Chinese sweet yam
Gai Choi - Chicken cabbage, a tall plant like leggy brocolli
Hai Choi - bulbous cabbage with thick leaves
Wu Tao or Chinese Potatoe - Great vegetable used like a potatoe


Chinese Marrow - Small Marrow or 'dZhit Gwa'
Ha Ma Gwa - Chinese Cantaloupe Melon
Mango or 'Mok Gwa' - Common Mango
Wax Gourd - Very large gourd used mainly in Cantonese soups
Image: Choi Goh - Click for Recipe Image: Choi What - Click for Recipe Image: Dao Gok - Click for Recipe
Image: Zhit Gwa or Chinese marrow - Click for Recipe Image: Ha Ma Gwa - Click for Recipe Image: Mok Gwa - Click for Recipe
This information is as supplied by ourselves, and ably supported by our friends and various internet portals.
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Image: Wax Gourd - Click for Details

Image: Lao Lin - Click for Details

Image: Ba Choi - Click for Details

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