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Dao Gok or Chinese Long Beans
Dao Gok is a very long Chinese bean that resembles a cross between a runner bean and a french bean. It grows from a climbing vine type of plant, and the beans can reach up to two feet in length.

Buying Dao Gok should be quite simple as they are very common in summer months, and available at any wet market or supermarket. Look for those with a firm flesh and free from any blight of softness.

Prepare them exactly as you would a runner bean, by removing one end and attempting to strip away the seam. Fresh Dao Gok will not strip at the seam, and this is then left and is quite edible. Older produce may strip along the seam, indicating it is tougher and should be removed.

Chinese then break them into pieces about 4 inches long and wash them thoroughly before cooking.

Cooking is very simple, with the leaves being covered with water and brought to the boil. They are then usually simmered for about 5 minutes, or until soft.


Dao Gok are usually covered with water and left to simmer for a few minutes, and no longer than 10 minutes. Apart from water you can also add a clove of garlic, and that is all - not even salt or pepper! You can add a little soy sauce to the wok when stir frying in water only. This gives them a nice flavour and table presence for the resulting meal.
Image: Dao Gok - Click to Enlarge

Image: Dao Gok - Click to Enlarge
They are served as a vegetable on their own, and I cannot recall them ever being mixed with anything else.

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