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Bruce Lee

Lion Dance

Ancient and Modern Mix in Foshan City

Anne and Friend Practise Kung Fu in Foshan

One of the most famous views of Guilin

Rural Chinese Ferry, River Li, Guilin

Making a Silk Fan by Hand In Guilin

Bruce Lee Museum in Daliang City, Shunde, Foshan

Enter The Dragon

Ade and Tommy mastering 'The Sitting on Water' style upon a local river

Sherman, Winner of the English Speaking Competition held in Foshan 2004, and broadcast Nationally. Here he is pictured performing Tai Chi in The Finals. Sherman is now studying at University in Canada

Zumio at the heart of modern Foshan City. This is also called The Ancestral Temple

The World According to Zen in Modern Foshan - Streetwise Motorcycle Meditation

Lion Dance in Nanling Town, Guangdong

A Punter considering a Test-Drive in one of Nanling's latest Bamboo MPV's

Washing Clothes in the Li River, Guilin

Terraced Rice Fields, Yunnan Province

Local Fisherman of the Li River, Guilin. The Cormorant's are trained birds used for fishing! They can count up to 7 fish, after which time they will not dive again unless fed!

Local Farmer near Guilin

Image: Jackie Chan

Image: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Image: Zhi Gee Soh Lie

Image: Police Story

Image: Ip Man Film
Tourist Guides for China
Kung Fu Tourist Guide
Kung Fu in China:

Foshan is China's leading city and Worldwide Centre for Kung Fu, locally known as 'Gongfu'. It is home to the legendary Huang Fei Hong (Wong Fai Hong), who's Father fled Imperial persecution from The famous Shaolin Temple in Fujian Province. He and other survivors settled at a sacred hill in Foshan called Xiqiao, and later gave birth to not only Huang Fei Hong Gongfu, but also a new form of Martial Art. Some Western schools may know this as 'Hung Ga' system Kung Fu

Serious students of Kung Fu who are looking for specific information about visiting major training centres should leave now and see our highly related page: Kung Fu in Foshan which offers much practical advice.
Please also see our new page Wing Chun Schools in Foshan for details of training cources, fees and all inclusive packages

Tourists with a passing interest should read on...

If you are not a serious student of Chinese Martial Arts, then you should know:
• Kung Fu and Buddhism are closely linked (Generalised statement)
• Kung Fu is a name for a group of Chinese Martial Arts, which include:
Kung Fu Fighting Skills, Lion Dance, Acrobatics, Sword Skills, Spear and other hand fighting skills, Mental Skills and Disciples
• Students of Kung Fu will need to master all of the above skills and more to advance
• Some schools may specialise in a specific disciple, such as Lion Dance
• Kung Fu fighting skills come in a variety of flavours:
• Huang Fei Hong style is considered the highest form today, and was the style used and developed by the legendary Bruce Lee.
• Jet Li originally used this style, and has since greatly developed and combined with other styles. He is star of over 30 Chinese language films, the majority of which feature the entirely fictional cinematic exploits of Huang Fei Hong
• Another popular style is called 'Wushu', which is easier to learn the basics, and more flamboyant. Jackie Chan is expert at developing this style, especially with his unique capacity for adding slapstick humour. Jackie Chan has recently opened a Kung Fu school in Hong Kong, basically for teaching Actors
• There are short and longer more serious courses for both Huang Fei Hong and Wushu styles available in Foshan, each taught in dedicated Martial Arts Schools by Masters

If you are a serious student of Kung Fu, then Foshan can offer you personal and group holiday courses, and also long term training programmes at one of the many centres

A Conundrum - Here is China!
• Worldwide, the names: Huang Fei Hong, Foshan City, and Kung Fu are interwoven to the point of being inseparable in International Martial Arts circles
• Locally Foshan people are very knowledgeable and proud of their Kung Fu heritage
• Specialist Kung Fu general tours and various courses can be booked locally in Foshan - either with local travel agents, or directly with the schools themselves
• There is absolutely no International sales office, tour company, or marketing and publicity body to promote these courses on the World Stage!
• Any foreign company claiming to do this will have someone like myself on the ground here to 'make it so'
• Foshan Government official website and Tourist Information Centre used to have an excellent Tourism section. This is currently only available in Chinese, and many pages are years out of Date. Even in Chinese language, the Kung Fu pages seem to have totally disappeared. I understand these pages are being remodelled, and will provide links here in due course

How to Book a Kung Fu Tour in Foshan

• Find a local Foshan travel agent and make the booking yourself. You will need to speak Cantonese to do this
• Find a local Foshan Kung Fu school and make the booking yourself. This will normally be the teaching only, and without hotels and transfers. You will need Chinese language to do this
• You can get on a plane to Guangzhou (Canton), and get a taxi. I know of an American who actually did this. After 3-days he ended up in Foshan and hired a student to interpret for him. Late on day 4 he actually found the Huang Fei Hong Memorial and associated school

What China Expats can do
We can arrange bespoke Kung Fu tours for you. All you have to do is book the International flights to Guangzhou (Preferred), Hong Kong, or other nearby airport. Shenzhen airport is a lot cheaper if you are already in China. Foshan has a very small airport for light private airplanes only.

We will take care of the rest for you:
• Airport transfers (Meet and Greet + Goodbyes)
• Hotel (Selection)
• Booking courses or tours locally
• Tours normally include all food and entrance charges
• Arrange tours and activities for companions and spouses who are travelling with you, but who are not interested in Kung Fu
• Arrange general sight-seeing and evening entertainments
• Look after your particular personal needs = vegetarians, special diets or meat preparation (Halal), religious practices, etc
• Provide translators and Chinese companions for you as required
Note: This is a personal service, not a business. We will only charge to cover our immediate expenses

Example Tours and Courses:
5 or 7 days short introductory courses. Visit several Kung Fu schools in Foshan and have 5 half-days study with Masters. Xiqiao is always included, but other destinations can be specified. Usually cultural elements such as a visit to Foshan Folk Arts Centre and Zumio Ancestral Temple are standard, but it is up to you. Options for non Kung Fu companions. All inclusive from arrival to departure Guangzhou airport. Rough price guideline per person guesstimate $ 1, 000 per week (¥ 6, 000 RMB) staying at the very best hotel
Similar sort of price for: additional weeks, Kung Fu intensive courses only, sight-seeing only, etc
Discounts for groups (Usually 8 or 10 people).
• Airlines will usually offer a free place for group bookings of 15 people. Some offer a free place for only 8 people (Malaysia air), or ten (One of the Middle Eastern airlines, possibly Emirates?)

Note: We are not a travel agency. We are ordinary people who live here and know exactly what to do and who to contact. These details are provided to us by one of Foshan's leading regional Travel Agents.

Sample 7-day Kung Fu Itinerary (From Local Foshan Travel Agent):
Key: B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner

7-Days Chinese Martial Arts Study Tour in Foshan
– the Home of Southern Chinese Kung Fu

Day 1: Guangzhou - Shiwan -Foshan (D)
Tour groups arrive in Guangzhou International Airport or Foshan in the evening, met and transferred to Foshan City – a famous cultural and historical city of China.
Stay overnight at Foshan (3 stars)

Day 2: Foshan (B,L,D)
After breakfast in hotel, visit Huang Fei-hong Martial Art Museum, and enjoy an excellent and brilliant performance of Chinese Martial Art. Later visit Foshan Ancestral Temple (Zumio) with good reputation of “Oriental Folk Arts Palace”. In the afternoon, visit the master of Huang Fei-hong Martial Art Museum and learn to play Chinese Kung Fu.
Stay overnight at Foshan Jindu Hotel (3 stars)

Day 3: Foshan (B,L,D)
In the morning, visit Foshan Hongsheng Martial Arts Centre, which was established in 1851 by Zhang Yan-a famous martial arts master in Xianfeng reign of the Qing Dynasty. Hongsheng Martial Arts Centre boasts a lot of followers. They played a very important positive role in the past struggle anti-feudalism and imperialism. In the afternoon, learn to play Chinese Kung Fu in Huang Fei-hong Martial Art Museum.
Stay overnight at Foshan Jindu Hotel (4 stars)

Day 4: Foshan (B,L,D)
In the morning, go to Luzhou Village (the birthplace of Huang Fei-hong) at the foot under Xiqiao Mountain. Visit Huang Fei-hong Lion Dance and Martial Arts Academy there. Inside there are Baozhilin, Baicao House, Huang Fei-hong Historical Relic Exhibition Hall. In the afternoon, visit Xiqiao Mountain – one of the four most famous mountains in Guangdong Province.
Stay overnight at Foshan Jindu Hotel (4 stars)

Day 5: Foshan(B,L,D)
Begin to learn the most typical and popular Southern Chinese Kung Fu – Foshan Yongchun Boxing in Huang Fei-hong Martial Art Museum.
Stay overnight at Foshan Jindu Hotel (4 stars)

Day 6: Foshan(B,L,D)
In the morning, continue to learn Foshan Yongchun Boxing in Huang Fei-hong Martial Art Museum. In the afternoon, visit Shunde Qinghui Yuan – one of the four most famous traditional architectural garden in the Qing Dynasty, visit Shunde Bijiang Golden house which was built more than hundred years ago, during the Jia-qing reign of Qing Dynasty. In the evening, visit Nanhai Guicheng Thousand Lanterns lake Park.
Stay overnight at Foshan (43stars)

Day 7: Foshan-Guangzhou (B,L)
In the morning, visit Foshan Folk Arts Studio. Foshan Folk Arts have a great variety including paper-cut, tying, coloured lantern, wood board painting, calligraphy, etc. Then, transfer to Guangzhou city and visit Yuexiu Park with the Guangzhou City Symbol -Five Goats Stone Sculpture. After the lunch, visit Liu-hua Tee house. At last, go to the airport and take an international fly leaving Guangzhou in the afternoon.

Group Package Tour Quotation: RMB /
Single-room Supplement: RMB net
Quotation Inclusive:
1) Hotel accommodation based on sharing twin daily breakfast.
2) Meals as indicated as above.
3) Sightseeing with English/German/Japanese or Cantonese speaking guide and translator.
4) Admission Visiting Points tickets.
5) Chinese Martial Arts Training Cost (tuition).
6) Domestic tourism insurance.
Quotation Exclusive:
1) Entry and exit Guangzhou international air ticket.
2) Chinese Visa and airport tax.
3) Personal expenses such as drinks, telephone call, laundry, etc...
Tipping Gratuity.

Note: I have left this largely unaltered, and as given to me recently. It shows a real offer from a local travel agent. The price was not quoted, but is in line with that given above. The Jindu hotel does appear to have an interesting star-rating system? It is actually Chinese 4 star, International 3 star - hence the confusion I guess

Kung Fu Masters - Fact and Fiction

Huang Fei Hong
Huang Fei Hong was a real person who as a boy fled The Shaolin Temple in Fijian Province with his Father and other disciples and their families. His Father was actually one of the Junior Masters, and others far more distinguished also accompanied them on their journey. They settled in Nanhai, which is nowadays the name of 1 of 5 Districts of Foshan Metropolitan County, and definitely the most powerful. For long periods of history, Foshan City has also been called Nanhai Prefecture - depending upon political winds no doubt. Please know that if you are not local to this area, you should consider Nanhai and Foshan to mean exactly the same thing.

Huang Fei Hong's Father settled in Luzhou Village, which lies at the foot of Xiqiao Mountain. This is in the modern City District of San Shui (Sam Soi).

My understanding is that Huang Fei Hong was actually a young boy when he arrived in Foshan, then known as Nanhai Prefecture; and was not actually born here.

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee (aka Lai Siu Long) is the first actor and an exceptionally skilled Martial Arts disciple, who popularised Kung Fu in Western cinemas during the 1970's. He was born in California, but does have extremely strong links with Hong Kong and Foshan. His Father was born in a village, which is now a part of Daliang City, the Capital of Shunde District, and another of the 5 Districts of modern Foshan. Bruce Lee did visit his ancestral home there once. This is now a working museum and Martial Arts school. This can be included in tours of course

Bruce Lee's Master was called Master Man. He spent the last 20 years of his life in The Ancestral Temple right in the city centre of modern Foshan. It is also known as 'Zumio'. Bruce Lee did visit his Master there on many occasions, and there is a museum and halls dedicated to Bruce, Master Man, and other Kung Fu Masters within the temple complex. From memory, one of the acclaimed is called Master Ip.

Jet Li
Jet Li (aka Lai Li-en Gi, Cantonese name) is arguably the best current exponent of this art in modern mass cinema. Jet Li is very highly respected in Foshan, and an adopted son of the city fathers because of his excellent Huang Fei Hong style Kung Fu skills. I am pretty sure some of his films have been made at Foshan TV Town in Nanhai District. He often plays the character of Huang Fei Hong in his Chinese language films

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan (Sing Long) is highly revered for his skills in Gongfu, and apart from his comedy, and projects for less fortunate in HK, he also employs Wushu techniques in some of his films. Jackie has recently opened an academy in HK for teaching 'Gongfu for actors', and is a child from Cantonese Opera and Drama backgrounds = hence his unbelievable flexibility, speed, and spatial awareness

Wushu style Kung Fu is a modern interpretation, made famous in films. Wushu means 5 Ways, Books or Lessons; and embodies ancient teachings into a new methology. Wushu is largely castigated by traditionalists, whilst being very popular with younger Chinese students who cannot spare the time for complete studies of Martial Arts

Wushu displays, performances and Teachings are also available in Foshan

For serious Western students of Kung Fu and Hung Ga, then this link may be of interest:

This morning I read your article by Tim Louie
"About Tim Louie:
Tim Louie is a Hung Gar Practitioner, a Shorin-ryu Okinawan Karate 5th Degree, a Kajukenbo Karate 6th Degree and also studies Northern Kung-Fu, Tai Chi and Contemporary Wushu. He is the creator of Thunderkicks shoes. This article is a companion piece to In Search of the Real Wong Fei Hung: The Wong Fei Hung Museum in Foshan, Guangdong, China, in the May June 2006 issue of Kung Fu Tai Chi."


Perhaps what you really need to know is that Foshan is the modern home for Gongfu Wong Fei-Hong style, and a 'Must Visit' for any serious practitioners of Kung Fu

Please also remember, this is a general page for all levels of understanding, on one small website. It is written by an Englishman who lives permanently in Foshan, and has no idea what Gongfu is really all about - I do like the films though!

Brief Introduction of Foshan City:

Foshan lies in the heart of the Pearl River Delta, neighbouring Hong kong and Macao, and bordering Guangzhou to the East.   Foshan boasts a long history. Ancient people began to cultivate and make pottery here as long as 3000 BC. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, Foshan was already marked for it’s flourishing handicraft industry, business and cultural activities. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, the city expanded it’s role as one of the “Four Well-known Towns” of China.

Foshan is the showcase of the Lingnan culture, the cradle of the Cantonese Opera, and the home of Chinese Kung Fu. It is honoured as a State Historical and Cultural City.

This information is as supplied by the Chinese Embassy in UK, as dated 25th August 2011, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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