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Chinese Recipes
Squid, Calamari or Yao Yue with Chilli Peppers
Squid is very common in Canton and features often in Cantonese cuisine. Whether bought from a restaurant or cooked at home, it is nutritious and tasty. Cook small squid for 20 seconds or no more than 1 minute. Casserole for more than 1 hour until tender.
Buyer's Tip

Purchase squid from the local wetmarket early in the morning to ensure the best quality. Most often these are kept in a large polystyrene box which acts as a cheap chiller keeping them cold.

Small ones tend to be preferred for general cooking, and are more succulent. The vendor will usually prepare these for you, simply gutting them and removing the innards and ink sac.

Squid are also available frozen from supermarkets, or dried.
Image: Baby squid prepared for cooking - Click to Enlarge

Gut the squid if not already done and wash them thoroughly. Place in a bowl as pictured above and leave for an hour. This ensures they are completely defrosted and also lets them breath. You can add a tablespoonful of soy sauce as a marinade, but this is unnecessary.


1 Oz cooking oil
1 Oz diced ginger
2 cloves of garlic
6 Calamari
2 Large Chillis
1 Tsp Chicken buillion
Water for gravy
Splash of soy sauce
Image: Cooked Baby Squid with Chilli Pepper - Click to Enlarge

Simple Baby Squid with Chilli Peppers

Cut off the tentacles so that each is separate, and then cut the body into 1 inch wide squares. You can cut to make a diamond patter which helps them curl and cook. Add a little oil to the wok and add some finely diced ginger strips and a clove or two of garlic. Stir fry on a high heat for 1 minute. Add one teaspoon of chicken bouillon and a little water. Stir until a nice gravy forms then add the squid and chillis. Add a few splashes of soy sauce if not marinated in it, and continue to stir the dish. Cook for 20 seconds to 1 minute. Tip contents of wok into a serving bowl and present to table.


1. Use fish sauce instead of, or as well as soy sauce. I find this a little too fishy, but it does work well in moderation.

2. Replace or compliment chillis with one tablespoon of black beans (Bought in a sauce)

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