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Chinese Films
About Chinese Films

Chinese Films fall into about 8 general categories, although there are others worthy of mention

1. Love Story - some great films that often have a 'sad' or 'wrong' ending. It is quite usual in Chinese cinema for the people to win, and the main featured boy or girl to die right at the end of the film or marry somebody else
2. Period Drama - Often of the Qing Empire, or the Qin Empire - and everything that happened in the intervening 2, 400 years!
3. Recent Historical Drama = 'The Japanese War of invasion, and the Chinese war of resistance and independence' = WW2
4. Comedy: Some great stuff here
5. Police Story: Classify under 'Drama' as opposed to 'Action'
6. Kung Fu: Probably the very best of Chinese films. see our Kung Fu Films Section
7. Action / Adventure
8. Foreign Films are also very popular

Film Listings:

Love Story    
Image: Jackie Chan Myth sees Jackie Chan starring in a straight acting role in this period love story set in The Tang Dynasty. The film depicts Jackie as a General in The Tang Empire playing a straight acting role. He is sent to protect the Emperor's favourite concubine, and along the way they share adventures and misfortunes, both of them saving the others life on several occasions. Of course, they fall in love, but this can never be. The film is wrapped in a present day parallel involving the same two people

Click for free online movie: Myth
Period Drama
There are a couple of entries in this section:
Image: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (aka Hero) won Top Film Award, and features Jet Li in a period drama set at the beginning of the Qin Empire circa 220 bc. Whilst there is some Kung Fu in it, I have not classified it as such, because it has far more depth. Look for the scene half way through when the Grand Master writes the 20th name for a sword, with a sword in a box of sand
Click for free online movie: Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon
War Drama    
Image: Warlords Warlords is a period action film about the foundation of China. It has been critically acclaimed in China, and if you want to understand Chinese as a people, then you should understand this film

Based upon real events as far as history can be defined, with some artistic licence for a solid plot, this film is well worth watching
Click for free online movie: Warlords
Image: Zhi Gee Soh Lie Initially a slapstick comedy vaguely equivalent to the 'Hallelujah Trail', but this time featuring invading Japanese against Chinese freedom fighters. There is a Buddha's head mixed up in the plot, which also carries far deeper Chinese meanings once you stop laughing and start understanding.

Conclusion: The most intelligent mammal is the Donkey!

Click for free online movie: Zhi Gee Soh Lie
Image: Chinese Comedy
Police Story    
Image: Police Story Police Story on general is more of a drama with some action and Kung Fu. Often the plot focuses on developing the characters within a framework of social interaction

This is also the case with our featured link 'Police Story' starring Jackie Chan and Charlene Choi. However, these actors do bring a larger Kung Fu element to the genre than usual.

Click for free online movie: Police Story
or choose one from this Ku6 page of links
Kung Fu      
Image: Bruce Lee Hong Kong and China have produced thousands of Kung Fu movies. We deal with these movies in a dedicated section, which also has online film links and biography's of the most eminent stars

Kung Fu Film Section
Image: Sammo Hung
Image: Qian China has produced many action movies that do not include Kung Fu and the usual associated stars

Qian is a good example of a modern day thriller with entwined plot and unexpected turns

Apologies - We have not been able to find links yet, but this information should help you find the DVD's
Foreign Films    
Image: Satwsauna

Image: Slumdog Millionaire
Several foreign films have made it in China over recent years (We are excluding virtually everything from Hollywood here - as these are already accepted a being great!).

Satwsauna is another Eastern tale, again featuring unrequited love, this time in Arabic (English subtitles)

Ashoka is an Indian film about the life of this great Prince/King and pre-Buddhist. It is an unrequited love story, and there are English subtitles. Well worth watching

Aeon Flux: A very noteworthy movie about futures, skills, personal choices, and control. We have it in Russian language with English subtitles. Think 'Matrix' and you won't be far away from the questions this film poses

Bombay Slumdog Millionaire has won wide acclaim in China as in the rest of the world. You no doubt have already seen this film, but those wishing for a reprise can view it here in English with Mandarin subtitles
Bombay 'Slumdog Millionaire'
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Image: Farewell My Concubine
A very intriguing film set against the background of Chinese Opera. Regarded as a modern classic, it follows the life of two young Opera stars, focusing mainly on the one playing the female lead - who is 'gay', which is taboo in China (Even today!)
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