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DIY - Windows and Sliding Windows
Most homes you live in will feature aluminium sliding windows, which are extremely common and single-glazed. Most give reliable service for many years, but older ones may require attention.

How to fix ones that don't slide or have come off their track.

These will doubtless be aluminium with runners and rails on the bottom (See picture). There are two common problems:
1. Window will not slide
2. Window is off its track

The answer to both is very similar, and what you need to understand is that these windows follow the bottom runner, a raised rail in the molding. To remove the windows you simply lift them into the top, where there is space to clear the bottom runner.
Image: Typical sliding windows - Click to Enlarge

To set a window back on track, simply position it centrally and holding both sides - lift it up and back into position.

If the windows won't slide, then you are going to have to take them out and free them. Set the windows so they are both in the middle, allowing you to grasp both ends of each. Lift up the outside pane, allowing it to clear the outside captor rail, and rest on the windowsill. You may, or may not, be able to release the top from its cowl.

This done, grasp the window nearest to you and lift up and outwards. This time the window will clear the top cowl, allowing you to bring it into the room. Be careful this does not release the outside window also.

Spray with WD40 and work with pliers as necessary, protecting the runner with a rag to avoid harming the surface.The problem is probably a build-up of aluminium oxide, so keep working the wheels until they turn freely. Once turning freely again, clean the runners of the window completely, removing all debris. Re-fit in reverse order.
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