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Spare Ribs
Whilst good Spare Ribs can be slightly difficult to obtain in the West, this is definitely not the case in China. This problem centres around 'Pork Chops', as this is a central dish in UK, and uses the same cut of meat. In any Chinese wet market, the spare ribs come with tons of meat on them, and the pork sirloin is sold separately. This is so much the case, that you may experience difficulty obtaining pork chops in China!

Our recipe is as made for me by my wife Siu Ying, and is what we term 'Barbequed Spare Ribs', meaning it is not served in a sauce.

Recipe Source:
Image: Siu Ying Siu Ying, Foshan, China  
As Jonno's wife, Siu Ying is a core member of China Expats.

Her version of Spare Ribs are totally delicious!

My very good friend Dave Talbot has travelled all over the world in his lifetime - and he reckons these spare ribs are the best he has ever tasted.

Let's get started:- Siu Ying's Chinese Spare Ribs
Quick Tips: Image: Spare Ribs

Image: Spare Ribs made by Siu Ying January 2011 - Click to Enlarge    Image: Spare Ribs marinading in ginger juice - Click to Enlarge
1. Marinade in fresh squeezed ginger for 1 hour
2. Cook very slowly for another hour
3. Add salt to taste
• A rack of spare ribs, chopped into singles, and then into halves or thirds
• Fresh ginger root for marinade
• Salt to taste
• Corn oil (Chinese peanut oil is disgusting!)

Special Equipment Needed for making spare ribs:

Large bowl for marinade
Wok with lid
Cooking Spoon (Spatula) of some description

1. The Chinese wet market will chop the ribs to your specifications, and a whole rib chopped either into halves or thirds is ideal
2. Wash the meat thoroughly under the tap (Faucet) and place in a suitably sized bowl.
3. Take a large piece of ginger root (4 inches x 3 inches x 1 inch), remove skin and finely chop. We are talking about a large, fresh, and 'wet' piece of ginger here - straight out of our garden.
4. Using your hands, squeeze every last drop of liquid out of the ginger and coat the ribs with it.
5. Leave to marinade for 1-hour, stirring occasionally.
6. Take the ribs in hand - dust with salt, rubbing this well in. Use Table Salt (refined). Do not use Rock or Sea salt (USA = 'Kosher' salt); as these grains are far too large and stable, and do not blend at all with this dish.
7. Add oil to wok (Any large pan is ok), and make it hot. Add ribs and turn immediately so as to seal the outsides.
8. Reduce heat to a minimum, and stirring frequently, cook for about 1-hour. Use wok lid to retain moisture.
Note: Being a boy, I seldom have patience enough for this step, so cook on higher heat for 10 minutes. My spare ribs are fine, but not as good as my wife's! It takes about 50 minutes cooking for the bones to become soft and chewable.
Additional Information:
Be careful when making spare ribs in a sauce.

We suggest you add any sauce by brushing this onto the meat 3-minutes before serving. Otherwise the meat will stick incorrigibly to the pan

In the West I use BBQ Sauce, but this doesn't work so well in China. We suggest you try other sauces readily available in Chinese supermarkets such as: Plum Sauce (Sweet), Oyster Sauce (Fishy), Hoisin Sauce (Tasty), and Shar Siu Sauce (Hot). Black Bean Sauce also goes well with this dish. Better is to heat the sauce separately, and then pour over the dish before serving, or add as a side dish and dip.

I personally prefer them served with separate dip, or no dip sauce at all - they really are that good!  For some extra J'un es sais quoi, finely dice some garlic and add for the final minute's cooking.
This information is as supplied by ourselves, and I would like to thank my wife 'Siu Ying' for re-inventing this version of a great dish.
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