Image: S.H.E
This Girl-band is probably the biggest phenomena in Asia with millions of album sales throughout the Chinese speaking world. For instance S.H.E's seventh album, Encore, was puplished on 12th November 2004 and sold 1 million copies in Asia within one week of its release.

S.H.E or 女朋友 in Chinese ( literally: "Girl Friends") are (L to R):
田馥甄 (Hebe Tien), 任家萱 (Selina Jen), and 陳嘉樺 (Ella Chen).
Image: S.H.E
  They formed in 2000 as a result of a talent competition held in Taiwan. All three girls were in the seven finalists for the deciding TV round. Selina won the competition outright, but joined with Ella and Hebe to form a threesome. At first the record company HIM found it odd to balance the three girls voices, but this was resolved by making them live together for many weeks - and led to their first album "Girl's Dorm".

With their first album recorded in autumn 2001, they still needed a name, so eventually HIM finally decided on S.H.E; so as a result, Jen Chia-Hsüan became Selina, Tien Fu-Chen became Hebe, and Chen Chia-Hwa became Ella.

Their music is mainly pop with catchy tunes and great live performances. S.H.E began mixing light-hearted pop ballads with elements of hip hop and dance, or sometimes bubblegum beats and even rap. They often include covers of others work, which is sometimes used as a criticism somewhat unjustly. However, since 2004, the group has recorded no more than two covers per album. They have only written a few songs themselves, but employ songwriters most notable being Shi Rencheng (traditional Chinese: 施人誠). He has been S.H.E's main lyricist since the group's debut and some even say that Shi's "legendary" lyrics were partially responsible for the trio's success.

Whilst being phenominally successful in Asia for over a decade, they are little known in the west, due mainly to virtually all information and free downloads being in Chinese (Mandarin) only. China Expats hope to correct this anomaly because we really like their music!

What we like most is that they are original people in their own right. They have not bowed under pressure to become what they are not - such as slimming in order to keep a trim figure (They eat what they like and burn off the calories with spontanaity and exuberence). This makes them real to ordinary people.

Image: S.H.E Winter Album   They have recored many songs in English and worked with western groups in collaboration (Fahrenheit).If you do not know this great band, then you should start with The Winter Album, who's cover (Pictured) is a spin of the Beatles Abbey Road. However the songs on this particular album are mainly in English and are great to play in a party atmosphere. Most notable are "Superstar", "China Girl", "IOIO", Charlene's "I've Never Been To Me".

The band have also been involved with more traditional Chinese music and bringing this to the modern ear in an accessible format for young listeners. They have performed soundtracks, and also have TV careers, most notably Ella. However, we rate their recent release "Zhong Gwok Hua" as being one of the best international songs of the decade. Links are provided at bottom of page.

Image: S.H.E Selina   Chinese name: Ren Jiaxuan
English name: Selina (the original English name Colla)
Birthday: October 31, 1981
Birthplace: Taipei Hometown: Taipei
Constellation: Scorpio Blood type: A
Height: 163cm
Weight: 45Kg
Personality: cheerful, lively
Family members: Daddy, Mommy, sister
Favorite singer: CoCo, Mei, Kit Chan
Favorite music: slow songs, the piano's
Favorite types of movie: Comedy, Art
Hobbies: singing, shopping
Favorite animals: rabbits
Hate animals: dogs (large dogs)
Favorite color: pink dress
Like: have their own Style
Favorite jewelry: Melody of any stuff
Favorite food: Seaweed, Baby food
Most want to do: go shopping, Shopping in Japan
Describe myself: cute, round face how 踏入演艺圈:
Winner of the Universe 2000 Girl Power Competition (HIM)

Image: S.H.E Hebe   Chinese name: Tian Fu Zhen Yingwen
English Name: Hebe (the original English name Anita)
Birthday: March 30, 1983
Birthplace: Hsinchu Hometown: Hsinchu
Constellation: Aries Blood type: A
Height: 161.5cm
Weight: 43Kg
Personality: changing
Family members: father, mother, brother
Favorite singer: straight, Sandee Chan, Faye Wong, The Cranberries
Actor: None
Favorite music: alternative rock
Favorite types of movie: Drama
Hobby: listening to music, watching movies, television
Talk like the animals: dogs, elephants
Hate the animals: cats (hate), rats ( extremely hate)
Favorite color: black, red
Dress: natural, simple
Love of jewelry: None
Favorite food: candy, fruit, bread
Most want to do: singing, sleeping
Describe myself: How 踏入演艺圈 Nanyixingrong :
Finalist of the Universe 2000 Girl Power Competition (HIM)

Image: S.H.E Ella   Chinese Name: Chen Jiahua
English name: Ella (the original English name: Water)
Nickname: Ah Hua, Mao Mao
Birthday: June 18, 1981
Birthplace: Pingtung County, Taiwan Province
Star sign: Gemini
Blood Type: O
Height: 163cm
Weight: 48Kg
Personality: outgoing, lively, neutral, showy
Family members: father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, sister, my sister, brother
Favorite singer: Karen Mok, Bon Jovi, Stefanie Sun, Celine Dion
Favorite Actors: Meigelaien, 罗宾威廉斯
Favorite music: pop, rock and roll
Favorite types of movie: Comedy, Romance, disaster, action Hobbies: Playing basketball, computer games
Favorite animal: cats, dogs
Hate Animal: Gecko , lizards, Lai toad
Favorite color: black, white, dark blue, green,
Like the clothing: jeans, leisure, sport, and easy
Favorite jewelry: Watch
Favorite food: baked seafood pasta, Mom's soup, m corn soup
Most want to do: pass on the concert singing
Own description: The girls like girls, but deep down was a normal girl, she is how they 踏入演艺圈: strength of the U.S. Finalist of the Universe 2000 Girl Power Competition (HIM)

Image: S.H.E Zhong Gwok Hua   To date (2010) S.H.E have released over 15 albums, 7 soundtracks, and 4 collaborations with other artists. They are currently engaged on a mamoth tour of Asia, which is breaking records for crowd attendences for any performance at stadiums in: China, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Musically we will leave you with one of their latest offering: "Zhong Gwok Hua", which is a modern pop / rap crossover

This track breaks all shackles and mixes rock, rap and Kung Fu all together - seeing is wondering, wondering is S.H.E!


Recommended Album: Winter Album
We chose this album as a lot of tracks are in English, and it is a very good introduction to modern Chinese pop music. Also check out 'Encore' a vcd/hvcd/vcshvcd3dmp4 thingymagig with live video and their top seller to date.
It's Pop, but not as you know it - check-out video's:

China Girl (English)
Cinderella (Mandarin)
or try this version by Tata Young in English: Cinderella We have the single in English, but Copyright issues!

This links to one of their latest video offerings: SHE: Zhong Gwok Hua

And if your into something really different, try the beautiful S.H.E 的长相思

S.H.E the nerest thing we can find to an official website (Use Google translate)

Wikipedia have great resources and some very long pages about this group:
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Otherwise there is scant information about S.H.E in English