Lui Fang - 刘芳

Image: Lui Fang
  Renowned as the foremost Chinese-bow virtuoso and stringed instruments player in China, Liu Fang suddenly produces the most amazing voice on this, her third album

Try Track 4 & Track 15 - disc two, and tell me I am not wrong - Stunning music! ISRC CN-D16-02-362-00/A.J6

Since the release of this album, Lui Fang has released 3 more in this series; entitled 'A Voice Inebriate: 2, 3 and 4'.

You should be able to get all of album 4 in the West + there are scattered listings for albums 2 and 3, which usually offer 12 tracks for download / across a double album of 40 or so tracks - so you ain't really getting value for money there, are you?

Apart from this series of albums, virtually all web-searches will offer her great skills on the Chinese Zheng (Sort of Zither / Horizontal Harp thingymagig) and Pipa (Chinese Lute). She is extremely talented!

YouKu offer a dedicated page to her classical works on Zheng and Pipa:

They also offer a good page of video links - all we did was copy/paste her name in Chinese 刘芳 and this is what we got back from SoKu search engine:刘芳


Video Link 1: 丁香花 Tien Qua (Lilac)

Video Link 2: 江南 South River

Video Link 3: 朋友别哭 刘芳版 Friends Do Not Cry