Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is perhaps an unlikely character to feature in our review of top Chinese songs. This is a position he thoroughly deserves for the excellent theme song which accompanies his movie "Myth".
Image: Jackie Chan - Endless Love - Click to play video
If you have not seen this most excellent movie yet, then know this marks a departure from Jackie's usual Kung Fu slapstick comedy's, and is the first of several films featuring him as a serious actor.

The theme song mimics the plot, and deals with impossible love between the Emperors First General Played by Jackie Chan), and his latest and most notable concubine. In the film they save each others lives several times, but whilst the potential concubine would gladly live only for Jackie, he fulfills his duty and returns her virginal to the Emperor. The movie is wrapped in a contemporary setting where the two (almost) lovers meet again thousands of years later, and this time Jackie is unable to liberate her from modern-day protagonists.

Therefore this is an unrequited love song of mega proportions, which has led to Jackie having a singing career in his spare time!

Now you have a little background, you better listen to the song:


Video Link Endless Love