Dave Wong

Dave Wong was born in Hong Kong in 1962, although his parental roots lie in Xi'an, Shaangxi Province, China. He was the son of an actor, but did not immediately follow his Father into work in the media.

Dave left Hong Kong when he was 17 to seek his future in Taiwan.He took various casual jobs to support himself whilst his love of music drove him to write compelling love songs around a rock and blues theme. He is a gifted guitarist and plays piano very well, so it is no surprise these two instrument have featured strongly throughout his career.

Image: Dave Wong in concert   His early employment was as: Tae Kwon Do instructor, ice-skating coach, taxi-driver, delivery-man, waiter, bar-tender and cook. He also spent 3 years in the Taiwanese military in order to obtain a Taiwan ID card, despite holding a Hong Kong British passport.

Dave became a very accomplished writer, penning many songs under his own name and pseudonyms for other artists. This eventually brought him critical acclaim and a contract in Hong Kong with UFO records.

Reliable sources (My wife) are certain that Dave worked as a taxi driver and cook in Tai Shan City, Guangdong Province, before moving back to Hong Kong in 1988, once the record deal was signed.

During this time he had many hit records in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China Mainland. He has won many music awards and has earned celebrity status for his heartfelt renditions performed before live audiences. However, he has never been one to settle, and it is this internal drive that comes across in his music.

Dave moved to Canada in 1984 with his second wife, and released two albums a year during his stay there .These were released on his Taiwan record label Pony Canyon. Unfortunately this folded in 1988 due to the Asia financial crisis. He returned to Hong Kong on 1st January 1999 - this time with EEG records.

Image: Dave Wong   A series of successful tours and concerts followed, and he became a regular favourite with the crowds. As well as performing new material, he also included old songs and covers of others. He toured in China and has sung in Beijing and Xi'an amongst other major cities.

During this period he also starred in 15 movies including Jackie Chan's New Police Story, and has also filmed 3 TV serials. He was the face of several advertising films and campaigns.

Dave is currently touring Asia which includes an extended tour of China Mainland. Rumour has it that he will retire after this tour, but we suspect he will simply take a break before writing new material. To date, he has recorded 26 studio albums in Mandarin and 11 in Cantonese. In addition, numerous compilations of his popular songs have been released.
Dave features regularly in our top music downloads section, whilst we provide links to video via YouKu and KuGou. To search these websites and others yourself, then please know it is best to use Chinese characters. Therefore Dave Wong is written:
王杰 in simplified Chinese (Mandarin)
王傑 in traditional (Hong Kong)
Top Tracks
Image: Dave Wong   * Return of the Prodigal - 谁明浪子心 video
- Regarded by many as his finest work, this track is also known as "Who Can Understand A Loner's Heart?". The link above features 赵学而 who sings a female companions part - making the song a modern duet of outstanding quality. They are sung in Cantonese.

说谎的爱人 video

她的背影 video Original release in Mandarin with KTV subtitles.

是否我真的一无所有-张宇 video from YouKu

安妮 video - This means 'ai nee' or 'love you' in Chinese. Dave turns this into the English song's title 'Annie'. Lovely run on Am also, worth a listen!

你是我胸口永远的痛 video

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