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Chinese Music
Other Chinese Musical Instruments
This page is devoted to any Chinese musical instruments that don't really fit in any other category. These include ones made of clay, bone, and rocks

Our main information resource remains the very reliable Wikipedia:
which is complimented by many others, as referenced below

For ease of reference we have divided Chinese instruments into four main categories:
• Strings
  • Bowed and 2-stringed
  • Other Strings, Lutes and Zithers
• Other Instruments (This Page)

Free music samples and downloads Comply with International Copyright criteria, and respect International Property Rights.

Note: Spelling
Most Chinese instruments are written as two Chinese characters (Mandarin). Pinyin is a standard way to write these characters in English. The Chinese would write these as one English word in lower case. Westerners tend to Capitalise the words. Other Western spellings sometimes exist, especially changing 'qin' to 'ching' etc. We use the standard letters as approved by Beijing, and generally Capitalised the first letters of both Chinese words (For correct syntax)

Other Instruments

Instrument Brief Description Listen
Image: Qing - Click for  larger image and more details The qing is made of stone, and is one of the oldest ethnic musical instrument. It is designed finely, and carries with it an ancient flavour. In the far ancient society when the female played the leading role (matriarchal society), this instrument was called shi and minqiu, meaning stone and ringing ball respectively. At that time, people lived on fishing. They enjoyed themselves after the labour work by dressing themselves in the images of wild beasts, dancing and knocking on the stones.

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Qing more...  
Image: Xun - Click for  larger image and more details The xun is one of the oldest musical instruments in China, with a history of approximately 7,000 years.

The earliest xun was made of stone or bones, but later it became earthen. Also, the forms varied in many ways. For example, it could be shaped like a ball, a pear, a fish, or a flat circle or ellipse.

The xun is an egg-shaped, windpipe instrument. Initially it had only one hole, but afterwards it gained more holes. Finally at the end of the 3 century BC a six-holed model appeared.

Please visit our new Xun page wich offers a full description with pictures, and many tracks for free download more...
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We have about another dozen instruments to add to this category, but are waiting and/or searching for Copyright permissions for reproduction

China Expats are very happy to hear from anyone who can provide appropriate Audio and Video, or any music that is more suited for 'Western Ears'. Thank you

This information is as supplied by ourselves, and ably supported by our friends:


As far as we are aware, all information and downloads are either reproduced here with expressed permission, or obtained from reliable free resources, and comply with International Property Rights.

Please contact us 'Now' if you think there is a problem, and we will rectify the situation immediately

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