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Image: erhu bow

Image: Chinese drum

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Chinese Music
Classical Chinese Music
This page introduces a new section for 2010, and offers not only descriptions and photographs of Chinese traditional instruments, but also playlists for direct streaming. This means you can learn about these interesting instruments and also hear what they sound like.

This has also allowed us to introduce a 'Top Ten' based upon what you listen too most each month. This will commence for August 2010.

Unlike our complementary Instruments section (Which provides simple listings of all Chinese instruments), this page introduces the most popular instruments in greater detail. If you wonder what a 7, 000 year old instrument made from a lump of rock sounds like - when played on a Balearics chill track, then listen to the 'Xun'. Astonishing!

Popular Music and Downloads 

Our main interest lies in bringing some of these remarkable instruments to the attention of World Music Media, with the intention that some performers may decide to use some of them in place of more mainstream instruments. In particular, I will mention the erhu in this respect - a version of a viola, but with such a heart-rending melancholy in it's tones. We also believe the Xun to be a remarkable instrument worthy of a larger international audience. Enjoy!

As a final note we would add that Chinese Classical music includes Traditional songs, Folk music, tunes from Ethnic Minorities, Chinese Opera, and songs that are several millennia old!

Chinese Classical (Traditional) Music Downloads

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10 Classic Chinese songs
These songs are regarded as the Chinese Classics

A 2-stringed Chinese bow from Northern China with lively soprano timbre.

Classic 2-stringed bow all Chinese people love. Typical of Chinese bows (Hu), the bow passes between the two strings.

Gu Qin
Ancient zither at least 7, 000 years old

Gu Zheng
A large horizontal harp with moveable bridges that replaces the Guqin in a lot of modern music

4-Stringed lute and typical of Chinese music

Name for a group of Northern Chinese pipes, normally of four lengths = bass, tenor, alto and soprano.

Perhaps China's most ancient instument, and one worthy of inclusion in any modern work. Originally made from hollowed rock and a little like a conch shell in some respects. Nowadys often made from Lacquered wood, bamboo, and especially ceramic with colourful designs.

Future Additions

We continue to add to this section periodically, and as resources become available to us.

This information is as supplied by ourselves, and ably supported by our friends:


As far as we are aware, all information and downloads are either reproduced here with expressed permission, or obtained from reliable free resources, and comply with International Property Rights.

Please contact us 'Now' if you think there is a problem, and we will rectify the situation immediately

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