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Image: Ancient and Modern Mix in Modern Foshan

Image: The Buddha who protects wealth and enterprise

Image: Green Beer = St. Paidriags Day in China

Image: Foshan TV Tower at Night

Image: A Pretty Girl, Now My Wife!

Image: Jonno and Siu Ying at Siu Yeahr

Image: Caroline and Chris take a fast cab in Long Jiang

Image: A peaceful backwater

Image: If the pavements get full of traffic you better walk in the street

Image: Locals usually take a nap after lunch

Image: Foshan Traffic Highlights 1
A Letter From China
The Move by Denis Pavett
China Expats are very pleased to welcome a new contributor to these pages who is a British Expat that goes by the monica of Denis Pavett. Denis has been to China many times and has a Chinese wife and together they have one son Edward whom is 7-years of age.

Whilst visiting China many times previously, this year they decided to move to China, and this has just occurred in May 2010. Denis has strong family ties with Chongqing and Urumqi, and this will doubtless give readers a different perspective of China. Next year they plan to move to beautiful Hangzhou where his wife will study Chinese herbs and medicine. We welcome Denis and family wholeheartedly to our community, and offer a small taster below (Sent via his i-pod from Urumqi!)

This work including text and associated personal photographs is Copyright of Denis Pavett (Unless stated otherwise. Most of the photographs are copyright Jonno Morris), and may be reproduced for personal and private use under Collective Commons 3 Licence. An email would be appreciated in such circumstances, as would a reference.

You are not allowed to use this information to make money from this authors work - regardless of how fancy or well paid your lawyers may be.

Some artistic licence may have been used arbitrarily in some of these Letters, and whilst most facts are in essence correct, some personal and literary interpretation may have been employed to a greater or lesser degree.
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Pavetting & Peakin'
Image: Denis and Family visit The Great Wall in Cold February 2008

Image: Edward and his new friend

Image: The Birds Nest

Image: Edward waiting for a shower from below
Canton Caddywack
Image: Siu Ying and Nonni recently in Toisan

Image: The Fastest Stagecoach in the East

Image: Says it all!

Image: Shopping Duty

Image: Village fields Summer 2008

Image: An old house or perhaps pig sty, chicken coop or toilet - its hard to tell?

Image: Steve and Baba's Ox

Image: A smaller tree and quite retreat nearby
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