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Fruit, Vegetables and Gourds
Wong Pei
Wong Pei is extremely similar looking to Long gnun. It grows on trees, and quite often in the wild. The fruit forms large clusters that hang down, and they are harvested by cutting off the small branches that support them. This is one of the few seasonal fruits in Guangdong, and is harvested only in late summer.

The fruit can grow up to an inch in diameter, is round, and has a mustard coloured skin that is slightly furry to the touch. Unlike Longgnun the skin breaks easily with the fingers, and peels very easily. The white flesh surrounds a several greenish seeds, whilst the flesh tastes remarkably similar to both Lychee and Longgnun, but is not quite as delicious.

Wong Pei are usually eaten fresh by simply peeling away the skin and eating the white flesh inside. Inside are also up to half a dozen large green seeds, which should be discarded.

However, they do have good medicinal properties and act as a tonic. However, they are not normally used in cooking, but can be found dried in bags on some supermarket shelves. Being a seasonal fruit also heightens their stature.

Wong Pei tend to have a short season in Guangdong, being available usually during the month of August only. They are cheaper than both Longgnun and Lychee, which also adds to their popularity.

Image: Wong Pei - Click to Enlarge
Wong Pei looks virtually identical to Long Gnun, although any associated leaves are different. Both have similar characteristics and taste, however the outside skin of Wong Pei is soft and slightly furry to the touch, and breaks easily with your fingers. Long gnun is perhaps slightly larger, is leathery to the touch and does not break too easily.
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