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Fruit, Vegetables and Gourds
Lao Lin, Durian, or Smelly Fruit
Lao Lin is a large prickly fruit the size of a rugby ball or greater. You should always handle these with care as they can inflict a nasty cut because of their sharp pointed spines. They are always sold wrapped in newspaper or similar when bought at a wetmarket.

Cantonese people love these things, although I find them totally revolting! Neither am I alone in this view, as most foreigners also find them quite unpleasant. The reason is because they smell totally disgusting and taste like soapy rotten eggs!

I have only ever know Lao Lin (Pronounced 'lien') be eaten raw, and never used in cooking, or in combination with anything else. They are quite overpowering to all human senses.

If you like them, then they are available in Canton all year round. Buy ones that are turning a golden colour, without splitting at all. If you still have a choice, then look at those of similar size and choose the heaviest one.

To eat them you split them apart into large segments. There are about five of these contained within each fruit. Perhaps best to employ a knife at first, but only remove one segment at a time. If split in this manner the rest will keep for a few days, even outside the fridge ... or apartment preferably!
Image: Lao Lin - Click to Enlarge
Once you get to the fruit inside, you will find it rather soapy to the touch, and it tastes as bad as it smells. Each segment contains half a dozen pliable sacks, and the fruit is contained within each one. Chinese usually rip these apart with their fingers and suck out the fruit from inside the gooey mess.

Eat as above, as no recipes are available.
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