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Home Made Scotch Eggs

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Many foreigners who have lived for a long time in China may find some items are either unobtainable, or ridiculously expensive. If you have ever found yourself yearning for a plate of Butchers sausages, or Cheddar Cheese on fresh bread that does not have 15 tons of molasses added to every slice - then this page is for you!

Others may be new to China and do not know what many of the produce sold are, or what to do with them. Then still others may be looking for genuine Cantonese recipes. We will answer all these questions..

Food Directory Index - All our recipes and produce on one page    
Category   Comments    
Western recipes in China   How you can cook western food with Chinese ingredients in a Chinese kitchen    
Chinese recipes in China   Chinese food in China is nothing remotely like Chinese cuisine in the west. Here we tell you how to cook real Chinese food  
Produce FVG   We explain what all the strange things are that you see in a Chinese wet market, and what to do with them! Includes recipes and tips.    
Produce JLB   Here we reassure newcomers to China what produce is exactly the same as in the west    
Medicinal Ingredients   Having soup or hot pot, and want to know what is in it and why? Mostly these are medicinal herbs, and some are very specific and designed for eating by either boys or girls to promote good health. Full details with pictures and recipes.    
Other produce   Mooncakes, Mushrooms, Sugar and some other things that don't quite fit into other categories are listed as a group of stand-alone pages.
Condiments   These feature staple Chinese liquids and sauces that feature in every kitchen, or are common at any table.    
Cooking Utensils   This new section for September 2010 is your guide to what your kitchen actually needs to cook in proper Chinese style. It focus's on equipment. For standard cooking ingredients such as oils etc, see above.    
Imperial Measures   I was brought up to use the very practicable Imperial Measuring system, and schools of my era did not even teach the very simplistic metric system. Since my day, schools now appear to only teach the totally inadequate french system, which I do not understand at all - and have absolutely no wish to either. Therefore all measures given by us are in Imperial, and this guide will help you understand what their metric equivalents are.    
This information is as supplied by ourselves, and ably supported by our friends and various internet portals.
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Boy Cooking
Image: Boys can be inventive in kitchens! A cordless drill set to hammer action is preferred
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Image: Croque-Monsieur

Image: Croque-Madame

Image: Lasagne - adding the cheese bechamel sauce

Image: Cauliflower Cheese - Click to Enlarge

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