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Image: Iris Steinlein

Image: Dance Workshop

Image: Students visit Wushu Centre of Martial Arts

Image: Another view of the workshop discussion

Image: Beach location filming

Image: Movie camera filming a workshop project

Image: Actors showing good Hollywood technique

Image: The art of capturing the moment

Image: A different style of makeup

Image: On set filming a different workshop

Image: The world famous Hollywood sign

Image: Instructor having fun

Image: Iris Steinlein ready for action!

Image: Gala performance at our workshop in Germany

Image: Balance training at the Wushu Centre

Image: Iris Steinlein posing on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Image: Gala Perfomance in Germany

Image: Gala Perfomance in Germany

Image: Camera instruction on location
Hollywood Comes to China

Steinlein Productions, one of Hollywood's leading Studio's &
China Expats are proud to announce:

Hollywood Comes to China!

Our new cross-cultural initiative for 2010 involves China Expats working closely with Steinlein Productions from Hollywood and China's entertainment industry.

Our aims are two-fold:

1. To offer advanced courses to Chinese Film, TV, and Performance Troops under the direction of Iris Steinlein, head of one of Hollywood's most respected Studio's. Main workshops include: Film, Acting, Makeup, Modeling, Dance and Yoga, and Voice.

These workshops are also open to talented new artists and seasoned professionals seeking to enhance their entertainment skills and improve their career prospects.

2. Sacred Rainbow Dance ™ Tour is a new initiative we will be launching in China. It is a tour which works in association with established Chinese performing arts schools, and includes: talent casting, training, and production under the supervision of international entertainment industry professionals. The show is designed to include a ménage of cultural elements from both West and East, culminating in a spectacular performance.

In addition, Steinlein Productions are happy to accept students interested in all aspects of Film and Stage production by inviting them to attend Workshops, Summer Camps, and Master classes in Hollywood.
Image: International Dance Studio

What is a Workshop?

A workshop is an intensive course of tuition by Iris Steinlein and her team of professionals. It teaches students the latest trends of the entertainment industry and trains specifically for a performance that will meet the criteria and exacting standards of major International Film Studios!

• Dance and Yoga are important for body movement and posture.
• You will learn how to properly use and develop your voice, as it represents your personality.
• Acting Techniques will become great tools of self-expression during the training.

Hollywood’s entertainment industry professionals are seeking new exceptional talent and look out for the next big star! The fledgling Chinese film industry is doing the same, and this is set to become a very large player in the world of Film and Performance Arts over the coming decades.
These Workshops teach you the tools you need, to pursue a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Workshops in USA and China are open to all levels of experience.
Download Steinlein Productions Online Catalogue (For USA) here
Image Link: Click this to download Adobe Acrobat Reader Click to download associated Adobe™ Acrobat .pdf Reader here Image: A picture from one of Steinlein Productions workshop movies
China Expats is official representative of Steinlein Productions in China and is here to consult and guide you through the application process in Chinese and English language.
China Expat’s is representing Steinlein Productions fully inclusive workshops in Hollywood, as well as workshops in China tailored your needs.
We also cater for group bookings.
Sacred Rainbow Dance™ Tour of China
Image: Makeup and Hairdressing
Image: Group workshop project discussion
Steinlein Productions, in association with China Expats and Chinese hosts are pleased to announce the forthcoming Tour of China - scheduled for Summer 2010.

This is a Traveling Talent Show that can be booked in - Beijing, Shanghai, or Xi'an. Other cities still to be confirmed.

We encourage your natural skills and talents to shine.

• Actors Audition and Technicians Portfolio Review and Interview- to show us the best you have to offer.
• Hollywood Film Training Workshops for a career in front of and behind the camera.
• Inclusion of Chinese culture by way of complimentary performances within the overall program (Instructors from China Performance Arts)
• Dress rehearsals for the one night stage show. Technicians will record these to develop their practical skills.
• Live Performance in front of a large audience, in a leading city theatre. This will also be recorded by local and national TV.
• Technicians will then make a film of the performance and one copy will be given to each participant.
• Review of achievements and coaching.
• Presentation Ceremony of Achievement Awards, Workshop Album, and keepsake DVD
• International talent scouts will be present, to look out for the very best performers!

Our goal is to help you express your personal talent on the World Stage!
Artistic Performance

Our aim is to engender a new culture of acceptance and understanding of those truly talented individuals who have something to offer the world at large, Hollywood, and China in particular.

We want to encourage you to be your true self, and express this for other's enjoyment through the media of Film and Stage. Therefore we see ourselves as being a conduit, where you flow through and become enhanced with special skills and techniques. It will be a lot of fun also!

Steinlein Productions are seeking a permanent second home in China, and China Expats are being proactive to achieve this ... more news later in 2010. This project will hold regular classes both in front of camera, and behind the scenes.

Summer Camps are available for 2010

• Camp Hollywood features Film and Performance Arts studies + special invitations to the screen sets of major Hollywood production studios such as Universal

• Camp Hollywood in China offers similar tuition from Steinlein Productions Studio - the ideal way to promote and catapult younger talent onto the national or international stage. This Camp will also include a junior and local version of our Sacred Rainbow Dance ™ Workshop. Chinese and International talent scouts will gain be present!

These workshops are ideal for introducing budding Chinese stars of the future and helping them realize their full potential. They also teach Chinese technicians the very latest movie techniques in a hands-on way.

Steinlein Productions are very pleased to extend these rare opportunities to the future stars of Chinese Film and Entertainment Industries.

What are you doing this summer?
Image: Fitness, Dance, Posture and Balance

Image: Filming workshop on a beach location

Image: Group tour of Paramount Pictures
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