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Chinese washing machine connector tap - Click to Enlarge

Image: Modern Chinese Plumbing. Unbelievable  - Click to Enlarge

Image: Modern push-fit Chinese joints - Click to Enlarge

Image: New Standard Chinese 3-pin Plug - Click to Enlarge

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How To
DIY or Do It Yourself
This section shows you how to do simple maintenance jobs around your home in China - like changing a wall socket or adding a tap (faucet). We begin by presuming your are competent to do these jobs already in your native country.

Whilst these jobs are equally simple to accomplish in China, some standard practices like using only green electrical cable may leave you scratching your head in amazement. We explain what you need to buy, how to install it, and what complications you may encounter - all with pictures or real life situations.

Most Expats will live in condominium type housing, and the 'Garden' will have its own maintenance crews, which you should employ. However, sometimes Landlords will not pay for repairs to wiring, trying to cheat and get you to pay instead. At other times you may find it impossible to get the professional help you need due to language difficulties. Or you may just prefer to 'Do it Yourself'.

DIY Directory    
Category   Comments    
Electrics   Change a wall socket, light fittings, explanation of switches, types of cable and extension cables, etc    
Gas   We are limiting ourselves to Calor Gas installations, and rubber hoses.  
Plumbing   Install a washing machine, add a tap, what to expect.    
Curtains and Track   Replacing Chinese curtain rail supports.    
Hinges   Replacing Chinese wardrobe hinges.    
Jack plugs, Connectors and Adapters   Faulty jack's especially on musical devices, what to do and how to replace faulty ones (Nearly all of them).    
Computers   Common problems with Chinese made PC's
Keys and locks   Copying keys, padlocks, replacing locks.    
Sliding Windows   How to fix ones that don't slide or have come off their track.    
This information is as supplied by ourselves, and ably supported by our friends and various internet portals.
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Image: Common Chinese bulbs - Click to Enlarge

Image: 9inch eco-friendly light fittings which are very common - Click to Enlarge

Image: My old washing machine plug socket - Click to Enlarge

Image: No 'Earth' then? - Click to Enlarge

Image: Standard Chinese Consumer Unit - Click to Enlarge
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